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Frequently Asked Questions by Hosts

How does this work?
Tripz.com is based on direct communication, no services fees, and no commissions. If a guest is interested in your property, they will be able to contact you via email or phone. Although your email will not be visible, guests will be able to fill out the “Request to Book” and you will receive their request will be sent to you directly.
What is the cost for listing with Tripz?
You can start advertising your home with us for as low as $399 for 12 months. You can check out details of our listing plan here.
Do I pay you a commission out of my rentals?
No way! Our motive is to maximize your property exposure by providing you more leads from around the world from prospective renters. Our job is to make a direct contact between property owners and renters would pay you directly.
Do you automatically renew my listing?
Nope. We hate when we get charges out of the blue so we would not do that to you either. A little before your listing expires, someone from our team will email you or give you a phone call to discuss the performance of your listing with our website and you will be the one to make the decision at that time to continue with us or not.
How are properties promoted on Tripz?
We use search engine optimization marketing (SEO) and have a team doing this work for us. We promote our website with the most competitive search terms in this industry. We use our marketing dollars wisely on paid marketing tools on major search engines to get more traffic.
Can I have a link to my personal website on my listing?
Yes, of course! Simply add the web address into the Search Engine Optimization field when you edit your property details on your host dashboard.
What does it mean to "build your brand"?
Again, we are all about branding and promoting you, the host! We want our hosts to utilize all that Tripz.com has to offer and that includes your Branded Profile Page. Whether you have one home or 20, this page allows you to showcase all your home has to offer. One of the great features of this is that you can select your own URL for your Branded Profile Page. For more information on Branded Profile Pages, click here.
How many photos am I allowed to upload on my listing?
The more, the merrier. We do not limit the number of photos or text on your listing. Travelers find that the more information they have available to them, the better. We do suggest there is at least, a minimum of 20 photos in your gallery. For more information about photos on your listing, click here.
How will I manage my account?
We have a very user-friendly host dashboard. Just simply create an account choosing your username, password and other details and register. Login with your credentials to add or edit any detail related to your listing at any time. Click here to login and get started.
I use a property management system, can I sync them with my listing on Tripz?
Yes! We are all for integration here at Tripz.com. We have an open API and are currently integrated with Virtual Resort Manager and Streamline with more integrations to come in the future.
So I integrated with Streamline, how do I select my properties?
Great question! After we have obtained your Assign ID, you can start the integration process. Here you will find a step by step guide with visuals on how to do so.
How do I change my contact details?
By logging into your account and going into the "My Profile" section, you can update your password, email, phone number and other details. Simply save the changes and you are done! Click here for more information about your profile.
Can you assist me in creating or editing my listing?
Of course, we can! You can call our customer service department and a representative will assist you in the listing creation process and answer any questions you may have about the onboarding process.
What does this listing score mean?
Oh, that? You may have noticed this property score next to your listing and it simply indicates the completeness of your listing. Listings can have a score that ranges from 0% to 100%. When filling out the details of your property, key fields have a point system in place that will determine your overall listing score. Please click here for more information.
How come my property is not showing on the site?
There are two main factors as to why your property may not appear on the site when conducting a search. 1. Your listing may still be set to "Pending". If so, give us a call or send us an email and we will set your listing to "Live". 2. Your property may not have a standard rate. A standard rate is considered to be your base rate, it displays when there are no seasonal rates available. Without this (even with seasonal rates) your home is determined to be available at the rate of $0. The price of $0 will not appear on the site. For more information, please click here.
I have my listing on different booking sites, can I sync my calendars?
We are all about making your life easier, so yes, of course, you can! Click here for a step by step guide on how to extract your link and place it within your Tripz.com calendar.
Where do my inquiries go, and how do I respond?
All inquiries on your properties will go directly to your host dashboard under the "Inquiries" section. Here you will find messages from interested travelers. Although you can find them here, they will also be sent to your email so you can respond directly. For more information, click here.
How does the traveler pay for their booking?
We currently do not have host merchant accounts set up, but we are planning to in the near future. As for now, we truly leave it up to the host to choose the best and most secure method of payment. Whether that is PayPal, Square Cash or a different, trusted platform.
How do I protect myself against fraudulent inquiries?
Although we keep track of IP Addresses in which the inquiries are coming from, as an owner you have to keep your safety measures as well. Emails with vast amounts of grammar errors should be handled with care, emails asking you for a customer payment method, and any email without contact information.
What if I receive plenty of inquiries, but no bookings?
We know you have a great property and are proud of it, but there are many attributes related to a final booking. Key points to take into consideration are competitive rates, prompt reply to an inquiry, the amount of description and pictures on the listing, and most importantly keeping your calendar availability up to date.


Updated on March 23, 2018

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