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How Is My Listing Score Determined?

In your host dashboard, you may have noticed a property score next to your listing. This score indicates the completeness of your listing. Listings can have a score that ranges from 0% to 100%. General completeness of your listing will help enhance your listing score.

Tripz.com uses listing scores to determine a property’s rank. Your listing’s rank will dictate how travelers will perceive your listing and whether our travel affiliates will promote your listing or not. The more complete your listing is, the better chances you have of travelers being able to find your property listing. Homes with a high score and recurring inquiries may reach a listing score of 100%.

Key fields have a point system in place that will determine your overall listing score. For example, Standard Rate, Meta Title, and Property Title all hold a point value. Fields that carry the most weight in your listing score are:

Valid Property Address

Having 20+ Photos

Having 5 or more Reviews

An Up to Date Calendar within 10 days. 

We’re happy that you chose Tripz.com to showcase your home, and we know that you are proud of your property and the listing you created. To ensure that travelers get to read about all the great things your home has to offer, be sure to fill out all fields.

Updated on October 18, 2017

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