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Frequently Asked Questions by Guests

How does this work?
Tripz.com is based on direct communication, no services fees, and no commissions. If you are interested in a property, you will be able to contact the host via email or phone. Although the email of the host will not be visible, you will be able to fill out the "Request to Book" and you will receive a direct email answering your questions and request. The phone number of the host is also visible after you select the "Show Number" button and complete the captcha.
How do I make a guest profile?
We know how much you would love to save the homes that you are interested in booking. As of right now, we do not have a portal for guests to create a profile. Homes do have property ID numbers so we encourage interested guests to write them down so they do not forget!
Can I pay for my booking on Tripz.com?
Currently, we do not have merchant accounts on the website. Each host has their own preferred method of payment such as PayPal, Square Cash, etc.
How do I know the property I am looking at is not fraudulent?
Tripz.com takes extreme measures to ensure that hosts listing their properties are not phishing potential guests or the website. This article will give you further steps to ensuring the home you are inquiring on is legitimate.
What do I do when a host is not responding?
Because we are all about open and direct communication, we encourage our hosts to always have current and up to date contact information. We do take into consideration that owners do get busy with their booking so they may not respond as quickly as you would like. But if you feel as if the home you are inquiring upon does not have the proper contact information, you may contact customer support so they can further assist you in communicating with the host.


Updated on March 23, 2018

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