Why isn’t my property showing?

If you have a property with Tripz and your listing is nowhere to be seen when searching the site, a five crucial areas on your ad are in need of attention that could be causing the difficulty in locating your property.


  1. Listing Score. Tripz.com uses listing scores to determine a property’s rank. The more complete your listing is, the better your score will be therefore the greater the chances travelers have at being able to find your property listing.
  2. Home Address. Having a proper address will accurately place the location of your property.

Note: We are powered by google maps. If your home is not placed correctly through google, it could affect your properties placement on Tripz.com.

  1. Standard rate. A standard rate is considered to be your base rate. It displays when there are no seasonal rates.

Note: This must still be filled even if your seasonal rates complete the entire year.

  1. Main Photo. We understand the dominant photo to advertise your home will greatly effects if a traveler views your ad. A key factor to keep in mind is the photo you choose will not be entirely viewable to the traveler unless your accommodation is selected. Below, we have provided an example of how the chosen ‘Main Photo’ is seen from traveler when browsing the site.


Travelers First View                                           Once Selected Upon

first photo view


  1. If your listing is in a ‘Pending’ status, this means your listing is inactive and is not searchable on the site.

 Note: If your listing is ‘Live’ however reading ‘Incomplete’ a required field is currently vacant, please complete all areas with an asterisk (*).


We understand that showcasing your rental home is important to you and It is important to us too. If your property meets all 5 factors and you are still not able to locate it on Tripz.com, contact our client support team.


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Updated on April 9, 2018

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