What Is a Seasonal Rate?

Here at Tripz.com we comprehend the importance of high and low seasons for all areas. During these crucial times of the year, your rates may increase or decrease in pricing to stay competitive in the vacation rental market. We will assist with a step by step on how to add any rate needed to accommodate your peak season.


Adding A New Rate

  1. Once logged in, Click ‘Edit’ to the right-hand side of your property.
  2. Under the drop-down menu. Select ‘Rates’.
  3. Scroll To “Add New Rate”. All top fields are recommended to be filled and at minimum one of the four rate fields is required.
  4. Once done, click “Add Rate” on the lower left-hand side. (As shown below)

  1. It will then appear under “Active Rates”. (As shown below)
Example of an added rate

Once you have added a seasonal rate you may delete it by clicking the red trash icon or edit by selecting the blue pen icon.


Tripz Tips

  • You do not need to add the dollar sign ($) prior the amount.
  • Do not enter a decimal point followed by any zeros (.00) after the rate it entered.
  • Your standard rate will take over once your seasonal rate ends


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Updated on April 9, 2018

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