Property Rates Basics

Once a traveler has determined the home is in the right area and the images look inviting they are next going to look at your rates and if they are competitive. Travelers look for vacation homes as a cost-saving alternative to hotels and are typically savvy shoppers. It’s important you understand the going rates for similar homes as well as comparable hotels in the area.

Setting Up Your Standard Rate

Your standard rate is the default rate travelers see as the average nightly rate and is the default pricing when no other seasonal rate exists. The seasonal rate name will always be default be listed as Standard Rate. To modify this in the edit listing menu you can select your desired minimum stay along with your check in and check out times. The check-in and out times will remain across all your seasons. From there you only need to enter your pricing for weekday, weekend, weekly and monthly rates. However, you must only fill out one of the four rate fields that best fits your needs.

Adding a New Rate

This tool allows you to add multiple seasonal rates. Start by entering a name or description for the seasonal rate followed by the dates in which the rates are in place. You then need to select the desired minimum night stay for the designated seasonal time frame along with at least one of the four rate fields for weekday, weekend, weekly, and monthly rates followed by clicking the “Add Rate” button.

Once you have added a seasonal rate you can delete or edit that added rate by clicking the edit pencil icon or delete trash can icon next to the desired rate on the edit listing rates tab.


Base Rate: Ensure your standard rate is a rate you are comfortable advertising and booking. Also, take note that with not charging commission or service/booking fees you can offer a lower direct rate to travelers.

Seasonal Rates: Travelers look for multiple rates for both high and low seasons as a sign of a well-managed home. As a host, it’s important to have seasonal rates that reflect accurate pricing for a given timeframe for guests.

Updated on September 22, 2017

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