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Adding a Property and/or Additional Properties

After creating an account, you may access your host dashboard to begin building your listing and/or add any new listings. Ensuring each item on your ad is filled out as comprehensive as possible will ensure the best results and yield the highest return for you as a host. Creating and adding a property on Tripz is a simple process with a few essential steps to get your home in front of future guests.

Building A Listing:

To start building a listing, select ‘EDIT’ on the right-hand side of your property.

The drop-down menu will then come down which will allow you to go to any portion of your listing. Carefully go through each tab listed below, fill in each field with as much detail as possible.


Adding Another Property: 

To add additional properties, click the “+ADD LISTING” button from the main menu on the left-hand side of your owner dashboard. From there you will go through filling in the same fields as the first listing.


Tripz Tipz:

  • Hit ‘SAVE’ at the bottom of each page before proceeding to the following tab.
  • To ensure your edits were successful, refresh your page (Ctrl + R).
  • Listing Score is updated once ‘Live’.




Updated on May 2, 2018

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