Calendar Basics

The calendar is an important component of your property ad. It not only shows availability to guests but also builds trust. Guests tend to be wary of properties that have wide open calendars that are not actively being rented and can lead to as much as three times the number of bookings.


Manually Blocking Dates

  1. Click “Add” or “Remove” Blocked Dates button.

  1.  Select “Check-In” and ‘Check Out’ Dates.


    1. Click “Block” or “Remove” Date once dates are selected.

    1. Calendar will refresh. Blocked dates will turn pink and Dates removed will be open.

Tripz Tipz

  • You cannot manually override dates from synced calendars using this tool.
  • ‘Last Updated’ date will be displayed on the site for travelers.



Updated on May 2, 2018

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