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The properties section opens a complete list of your property ads in all stages. Under this tab, you can scroll through and edit any property at any time, whether it is active or inactive. Also, it provides a quick and easy reference to the main profile image of the property along with its current status and expiration date.

  • Status Tabs: Allow you to filter through all your listings starting with ‘ALL’ through ‘EXPIRED’.
  • Property Name & Address
  • Main Photo
  • Metrics: Displays that listings overall performance. This includes number of views, inquiries, and how many travelers requested ‘Show Number’ for each specific property.
  • Listing ID’s
    • Property ID: Each listing gets an assigned number ID. Click on that ID # when logged in and it will take you to that exact property.
    • Synced ID: If your property is integrated with a software you will also receive an integrated assigned ID.
  • Calendar: Displays when the calendar was last updated.
  • Status:
    • Live: Active on the
    • Pending: Inactive and not viewable to travelers.
  • Subscriptions: Shows which plan or subscription each property is advertising with.
  • Listing score
  • Edit




Updated on October 17, 2018

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