When people think about spots to spend their vacations, no one considers Wisconsin. What most don’t know is that Wisconsin is actually America’s hidden treasure. 

Wisconsin has the happiest city in the United States. The citizens are cheerful and energetic. They welcome the tourists with open arms, the locals offer everything and more to those that visit the state. Wisconsin has incredible waterfronts and places to hunt, fish or camp. It is also full of water parks. How many water parks can the same state have? It would surprise you. 

Book your vacation rental and explore all the options this state has for you. In Wisconsin, people are truly proud of the local teams. Enjoy a game surrounded by some of the happiest people in the country. 

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      Things To Do In Wisconsin

      National Parks In Wisconsin
      • Apostle Islands National Lakeshore
      • Ice Age National Scenic Trail
      • North Country National Scenic Trail
      • Saint Croix National Scenic Riverway

      • Other Wisconsin Attractions
        • Aztalan State Park
        • Big Bay State Park
        • Big Foot Beach State Park
        • Blue Mound State Park
        • Brunet Island State Park
        • Buckhorn State Park
        • Copper Culture Mounds State Park
        • Copper Falls State Park
        • Council Grounds State Park
        • Cushing Memorial State Park
        • Devils Lake State Park
        • First Capitol State Park
        • Governor Dodge State Park
        • Governor Nelson State Park
        • Hartman Creek State Park
        • Heritage Hill State Park
        • High Cliff State Park
        • Interstate State Park
        • Kinnickinnic State Park
        • Lake Kegonsa State Park

        • Wisconsin Favorite Activities
          • City tour
          • Historical sightseeing
          • Hiking
          • Camping
          • Food and wine
          • Fishing
          • Horse-riding 
          • Rock Climbing
          • Hunting
          • Water sports
          • Festivals

          • Not many people know about the entertainment options that Wisconsin has for the tourist. This state is full of surprises. Fish, hunt and camp in beautiful locations. Do not hesitate, make Wisconsin your next destination.  
            Weather in Wisconsin

            The Average Weather Throughout The Year

            • Max average temperature is 29 degree Fahrenheit
            • Min average temperature is 16 degree Fahrenheit
            • Precipitation is 1.73 in

            • February
              • Max average temperature is 33 degree Fahrenheit
              • Min average temperature is 19 degree Fahrenheit
              • Precipitation is 1.61 in

              • March
                • Max average temperature is 42 degree Fahrenheit
                • Min average temperature is 28 degree Fahrenheit
                • Precipitation is 2.24 in 

                • April
                  • Max average temperature is 54 degree Fahrenheit
                  • Min average temperature is 37 degree Fahrenheit
                  • Precipitation is 3.54 in

                  • May
                    • Max average temperature is 65 degree Fahrenheit
                    • Min average temperature is 47 degree Fahrenheit
                    • Precipitation is 3.39 in

                    • June
                      • Max average temperature is 75 degree Fahrenheit
                      • Min average temperature is 57 degree Fahrenheit
                      • Precipitation is 3.9 in

                      • July
                        • Max average temperature is 80 degree Fahrenheit
                        • Min average temperature is 64 degree Fahrenheit
                        • Precipitation is 3.66 in

                        • August
                          • Max average temperature is 78 degree Fahrenheit
                          • Min average temperature is 63 degree Fahrenheit
                          • Precipitation is 3.94 in

                          • September
                            • Max average temperature is 71 degree Fahrenheit
                            • Min average temperature is 55 degree Fahrenheit
                            • Precipitation is 3.15 in

                            • October
                              • Max average temperature is 59 degree Fahrenheit
                              • Min average temperature is 43 degree Fahrenheit
                              • Precipitation is 2.64 in

                              • November
                                • Max average temperature is 46 degree Fahrenheit
                                • Min average temperature is 32 degree Fahrenheit
                                • Precipitation is 2.68 in

                                • December
                                  • Max average temperature is 33 degree Fahrenheit
                                  • Min average temperature is 20 degree Fahrenheit
                                  • Precipitation is 2.01 in

                                  • Popular Times To Visit

                                    Between May and September is the best time to visit Wisconsin. This criterion is based in the temperatures. 
                                    Winter is the cheapest time to visit Wisconsin. The low temperatures keep the tourists away. Summer is an expensive season to visit Wisconsin. 

                                    Search Vacation Rentals in Wisconsin

                                    On Tripz.com you will be provided owner information and will talk directly to the owners to rent. Talk about terms and conditions. Tell them about your special needs and they will gladly help you. Direct communication guarantees a better experience for everyone involved. 

                                    Wisconsin is waiting for you! This cheerful state is full of opportunities to enjoy yourself. You will be pleasantly surprised by the quirks and charms of Wisconsin. This is the perfect destination for your next trip. 

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