Do you love snow sports? Vermont is the perfect destination for you. Visit this incredible state and spend your days snowboarding down the hill. If you want to camp, Vermont has many locations for you.
Vermont is great for open air activities. Reconnect with nature and relax in the incredible Vermont. 

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Vermont is a dream destination. If you love snow sports or open air activities, this is the place for you. Book a vacation rental and enjoy everything that Vermont has to offer.

Things To Do In Vermont

National Parks In Vermont

• Marsh – Billings – Rockefeller National Historical Park
• Green Mountain National Forest
• Missisquoi National Wildlife Refuge
• White Rocks National Recreation Area

Other Vermont Attractions

• Allis State Park
• Ascutney State Park
• Ball Mountain State Park
• Branbury State Park
• Brighton State Park
• Burton Island State Park
• Camels Hump State Park
• Elmore State Park
• Emerald Lake State Park
• Grand Isle State Park
• Jamaica State Park
• Lake Saint Catherine State Park
• Monroe State Park
• North Hero State Park
• Rood State Park
• Saint Albans Bay State Park
• Sand Bar State Park
• Shaftsburg State Park
• Silver Lake State Park
• Wilgus State Park
• Woodford State Park
• Aitken State Forest
• Albert C Lord State Forest
• Arlington State Forest
• Calvin Coolidge State Forest
• Camels Hump State Forest
• Darling State Forest
• Dutton Pines State Forest Park
• Emerald Lake State Forest
• Giffords Woods State Forest Park
• Grafton State Forest
• Groton State Forest
• Hapgood State Forest
• Hazens Notch State Forest Park
• Jones State Forest
• Maidstone State Park
• Molly Stark State Forest
• Mount Carmel State Forest
• Mount Mansfield State Forest
• Okemo State Forest
• Proctor-Piper State Forest
• Putnam State Forest
• Roxbury State Forest
• Rupert State Forest
• Townshend State Forest
• Washington State Forest
• Williams River State Forest
• Atherton Meadow Wildlife Mgmt. Area
• Bill Sladyk Wildlife Mgmt. Area
• Otter Creek Wildlife Mgmt. Area

Vermont Favorite Activities

• ATV/Offroad
• Camping
• Fishing
• Hiking
• Horseback Riding
• Hunting
• Mountain Biking
• River Rafting
• Rock Climbing
• Ski/Snowboard
• Snowmobiling

Prepare to enjoy a vacation on a dream destination. Vermont is a beautiful state with many entertainment options for you. Enjoy the snow and the mountains. Vermont awaits!

Weather in Vermont

The Average Weather Throughout The Year


• Max average temperature is 27 degree Fahrenheit
• Min average temperature is 10 degree Fahrenheit
• Precipitation is 2.05 in
• Average snowfall 21 in


• Max average temperature is 31 degree Fahrenheit
• Min average temperature is 13 degree Fahrenheit
• Precipitation is 1.77 in
• Average snowfall 16 in


• Max average temperature is 40 degree Fahrenheit
• Min average temperature is 22 degree Fahrenheit
• Precipitation is 2.2 in
• Average snowfall 16 in


• Max average temperature is 55 degree Fahrenheit
• Min average temperature is 35 degree Fahrenheit
• Precipitation is 2.83 in
• Average snowfall 5 in


• Max average temperature is 67 degree Fahrenheit
• Min average temperature is 45 degree Fahrenheit
• Precipitation is 3.46 in
• Average snowfall 0 in


• Max average temperature is 76 degree Fahrenheit
• Min average temperature is 55 degree Fahrenheit
• Precipitation is 3.7 in
• Average snowfall 0 in


• Max average temperature is 81 degree Fahrenheit
• Min average temperature is 60 degree Fahrenheit
• Precipitation is 4.17 in
• Average snowfall 0 in


• Max average temperature is 79 degree Fahrenheit
• Min average temperature is 58 degree Fahrenheit
• Precipitation is 3.9 in
• Average snowfall 0 in


• Max average temperature is 70 degree Fahrenheit
• Min average temperature is 51 degree Fahrenheit
• Precipitation is 3.62 in
• Average snowfall 0 in


• Max average temperature is 57 degree Fahrenheit
• Min average temperature is 39 degree Fahrenheit
• Precipitation is 3.58 in
• Average snowfall 0 in


• Max average temperature is 46 degree Fahrenheit
• Min average temperature is 31 degree Fahrenheit
• Precipitation is 3.15in
• Average snowfall 5 in


• Max average temperature is 33 degree Fahrenheit
• Min average temperature is 19 degree Fahrenheit
• Precipitation is 2.36 in
• Average snowfall 18 in

Popular Times To Visit

Tourist prefer to visit Vermont between May and September. Those that want to visit for the snow sports should go between November and March.

Cheaper Times To Visit

Depending on the activities you have planned. Most tourist avoid Vermont in the winter so it could be a cheap moment to visit. 

Search Vacation Rentals in Vermont

How To Search For Vacation Rentals

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