Everything is bigger and better in Texas. This state has some of the most active cities in the United States. San Antonio, Houston and Dallas are some of the destinations for your vacation. Enjoy the sports, the music festivals and night life. 
Texas has canyons and national parks you could visit. Camping and hiking is another option for you. 

What Is A Vacation Rental?

Vacation rentals are apartments or houses in your destination ready to be booked. The fully furnished houses are available for you. The best part? You can choose exactly what kind of residence you want.

Difference In Staying In A Vacation Rental Vs A Hotel

A vacation rental offers freedom and comfort. You can pick where in the city you want to stay, the kind of place you wish and in a price range that goes with your budget. Hotels are limited in many ways. A cheap hotel means low quality. Even the cheapest vacation rental will be a prime lodging. 

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Things To Do In Texas

National Parks In Texas

• Big Bend National Park
• Guadalupe Mountains National Park
• Angelina National Forest
• Davy Crockett National Forest
• Sabine National Forest
• Sam Houston National Forest
• Fort Davis National Historic Site
• San Antonio Missions National Historic Park
• Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge
• Aransas National Wildlife Refuge
• Brazoria National Wildlife Refuge
• Buffalo Lake National Wildlife Refuge
• Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge
• Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge
• Muleshoe National Wildlife Refuge
• San Bernard National Wildlife Refuge
• Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge
• Texas Point National Wildlife Refuge
• Amistad National Recreation Area
• Lake Meredith National Recreation Area
• Padre Island National Seashore

Texas Attractions

• Abilene State Park
• Acton State Park
• Atlanta State Park
• Avalon State ParkBalmorhea State Park
• Bastrop State Park
• Baylor University State Park
• Bentsen Rio Grande Valley State Park
• Big Spring State Park
• Birch Creek State Park
• Blanco State Park
• Bonham State Park
• Buescher State Park
• Caddo Lake State Park
• Cleburne State Park
• Copano Bay Causeway State Park
• Daingerfield State Park
• Davis Mountains State Park
• Dinosaur Valley State Park
• Eisenhower State Park
• Falcon State Park
• Fannin State Park
• Fort Belknap State Park
• Fort Griffin State Park
• Fort Parker State Park
• Galveston Island State Park
• Garner State Park
• Goliad State Park
• Goose Island State Park
• Huntsville State Park
• Inks Lake State Park
• Jim Hogg State Park
• Kerrville State Park
• Lake Bob Sandlin State Park
• Lake Brownwood State Park
• Lake Corpus Christi State Park
• Lake Whitney State Park
• Lockhart State Park
• Longhorn Cavern State Park
• Mac Kenzie State Park
• Martinez State Park
• Mission Tejas State Park
• Monahans Sand Hills State Park
• Monument Hill State Park
• Mother Neff State Park
• Nails Creek State Park
• Palmetto State Park
• Palo Duro State Park
• Possum Kingdom State Park
• San Jacinto State Park
• Seminole Canyon State Park
• Stephen F Austin State Park
• Texas State Park
• Tyler State Park

Texas Favorite Activities

• Hiking
• Camping
• Food and wine
• Watersports
• City tours
• Music festivals
• Historical sightseeing

Texas has a reputation for being a great destination. Anyone that visits Texas has a great time. Enjoy the cities or explore the many parks around the state. Texas awaits for you. 

Weather in Texas

The Average Weather Throughout The Year


• Max average temperature is 62 degree Fahrenheit
• Min average temperature is 42 degree Fahrenheit
• Precipitation is 2.2 in
• Average snowfall 0 in


• Max average temperature is 65 degree Fahrenheit
• Min average temperature is 45 degree Fahrenheit
• Precipitation is 2.01 in
• Average snowfall 0 in


• Max average temperature is 72 degree Fahrenheit
• Min average temperature is 52 degree Fahrenheit
• Precipitation is 2.76 in
• Average snowfall 0 in


• Max average temperature is 80 degree Fahrenheit
• Min average temperature is 59 degree Fahrenheit
• Precipitation is 2.09 in
• Average snowfall 0 in


• Max average temperature is 87 degree Fahrenheit
• Min average temperature is 67 degree Fahrenheit
• Precipitation is 4.37 in
• Average snowfall 0 in


• Max average temperature is 92 degree Fahrenheit
• Min average temperature is 72 degree Fahrenheit
• Precipitation is 4.33 in
• Average snowfall 0 in


• Max average temperature is 96 degree Fahrenheit
• Min average temperature is 74 degree Fahrenheit
• Precipitation is 1.89 in
• Average snowfall 0 in


• Max average temperature is 97 degree Fahrenheit
• Min average temperature is 75 degree Fahrenheit
• Precipitation is 2.36 in
• Average snowfall 0 in


• Max average temperature is 91 degree Fahrenheit
• Min average temperature is 69 degree Fahrenheit
• Precipitation is 2.99 in
• Average snowfall 0 in


• Max average temperature is 82 degree Fahrenheit
• Min average temperature is 61 degree Fahrenheit
• Precipitation is 3.9 in
• Average snowfall 0 in


• Max average temperature is 71 degree Fahrenheit
• Min average temperature is 51 degree Fahrenheit
• Precipitation is 2.95 in
• Average snowfall 0 in


• Max average temperature is 63 degree Fahrenheit
• Min average temperature is 42 degree Fahrenheit
• Precipitation is 2.74 in
• Average snowfall 0 in

Popular Times To Visit

Texas is a dry state, temperatures never get too low. The best time to visit would be between March and May. Another option is between October and November. 

Cheaper Times To Visit

Between July and September, the hot temperatures keep the tourist away. On these dates there prices are lower. 

Search Vacation Rentals in Texas

How To Search For Vacation Rentals

Finding vacation rentals has never been this easy. A little online research will lead you to multiple websites. Search the state and city you are trying to visit. Find the perfect place to stay and prepare for a dream vacation. 

Do not waste time trying to contact a sales executive or a desk. Talk directly with the owners, agree to the terms and conditions, and take your trip to Texas.

Texas is just a little research away. Take the final step and book the ideal vacation rental. Tripz.com has a place for you near that park you are dying to visit. 

Nearby Vacation Rental Destinations

• San Antonio
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