North Dakota is ranked the fourth smallest by population. The name of its capital is Bismarck and its largest city is Fargo. The original capitol building burned down in the 1930’s, however, was rebuilt and have a limestone-faced art deco and the new building that stands today. You can enjoy the seasons, attractions and much more of this state with the guidance of

Vacation rentals in North Dakota

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Things to do in North Dakota

There are many national parks in, each with its own flavor. You can visit all or just a few according to your vacation plans. Following is the list of all parks in North Dakota.

  •   Theodore Roosevelt National Park– National Park
  •   Icelandic State Park– State Park
  •   Beaver Lake State Park – State Park
  •   Cross Ranch State Park– State Park
  •   Theodore Roosevelt National Park– Park
  •   Grahams Island State Park– State Park
  •   Lake Sakakawea State Park– State Park
  •   Lake Metigoshe State Park– State Park
  •   Little Missouri State Park– State Park
  •   Lewis and Clark State Park– State Park
  •   Writing Rock Historic Park– State Park
    There are many other attractions in North Dakota which are mentioned below.

    •   Bonanzaville USA
    •   Red River Zoo
    •   Salem Sue
    •   Scandinavian Heritage Association
    •   World's Largest Sandhill Crane
    •   North Dakota Heritage Center & State Museum
    •   Fort Union Trading Post National Historic Site
    •   Lewis and Clark Riverboat
    •   National Buffalo Museum
    •   Chateau De Mores State Historic Site
    •   Knife River Indian Villages National Historic Site
    •   Plains Art Museum
      There are a lot other activity centers which can guarantee you enjoy North Dakota.

      •   Two Rivers Activity Center
      •   Langdon Activity Center
      •   Wahpeton Adventist Activity Center
      •   Biesiot Activities Center
      •   Clair T. Blikre Activities Center
      •   North Dakota State College of Science
      •   Wahpeton Adventist Activity Center
      •   Sivert Thompson Activities Center
      •   Jamestown Park & Recreation
      •   River's Bend Activity Center
      •   North Dakota Heritage Center & State Museum
      •   Northwest Health & Wellness Center
        Weather in North Dakota

        The average weather of North Dakota is enjoyable and pleasant. Average daytime temperature ranges from 45 to 75 F in North Dakota which is a suitable temperature to visit this state anytime. Summer seasons stands between May to August. There is winter season between the months November to March in this state. 

        All months are favorable to visit this state but the priority should be given to the fall months which is August through October. If you are looking to save while visiting, the last two months of each year are cheaper and you can easily visit North Dakota.

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        Nearby vacation rental destinations

        North Dakota is the right state to have a delightful and catchy vacation. Here are some must-see cities:
        • Medora
        • Valley City
        • Walhalla
        • Jamestown
        • Garrison