New York is a US state which is located in the northeastern region of the United States. New York is the 4th populous state in the US. Its border is linked with Vermont to the east, new jersey to the south and Connecticut to the east. The largest city of this state is named in the same name of the state, i.e., New York. This city is one of the most popular states in the United States. There are a lot of natural attractions in this state which you shouldn’t miss. Whether we talk about mountains and rivers or we consider lakes and lighthouses, New York state is considered the best place for these things. That’s the reason why millions of people come here every year to spend their holidays or vacation with their friends and family members. Another great thing about New York state is its climate. The weather here is neither too cold nor too hot. Comfortable weather with pleasant air is waiting for you. You can book your vacation rental in New York state from

Vacation rentals in New York

When you go to a holiday trip, you either stay in a hotel or a vacation rental. Both of these are easily available but there are some differences in them. The main difference is of their services. You get better prices, deals and offers in a vacation rental. Moreover, the dining services are better in a vacation rental. Another difference between vacation rental and a hotel is noise. As a hotel is formal place where businessmen stay, you suffer from noise of meetings and a lot of people. it means a vacation rental is a relatively better place where you can relax yourself.

As stated earlier, there is a bit difference between vacation rentals and hotels. In a hotel, you will have to follow some strict rules and regulations. However, you can enjoy more freedom and liberty in a vacation rental. Moreover, the location of a vacation rental is more beautiful than a hotel.

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Things to do in New York

In the New York state, there are a plenty of parks, visiting and recreational areas. Have a look at some parks in the New York state.

•    Letchworth State Park – state park
•    Taughannock Falls State Park – state park
•    Minnewaska State Park Preserve – nature preserve
•    Selkirk Shores State Park – state park
•    Chimney Bluffs State Park – state park
•    Stony Brook State Park – state park
•    Wellesley Island State Park – state park
•    Buttermilk Falls State Park – state park
•    Chenango Valley State Park – state park
•    Green Lakes State Park – state park
•    Chittenango Falls State Park – state park
•    Rockefeller State Park Preserve – state park
•    Taconic State Park – state park
•    Moreau Lake State Park – state park
•    Peebles Island State Park- state park

Besides parks and recreation areas, there are a lot of attractions where you can enjoy a lot. Have a look at them below.

•    Statue of Liberty National Monument
•    Empire State Building
•    The High Line
•    Howe Caverns
•    American Museum of Natural History
•    The Metropolitan Museum of Art
•    Top of The Rock
•    Cave of the Winds
•    One World Observatory
•    9/11 Memorial
•    Niagara Falls State Park
•    Ground Zero Museum Workshop
•    Top of The Rock

Here are few activities which you can enjoy in the New York state.

•    Madison Square Garden
•    Gershwin Theatre
•    Radio City Music Hall
•    Empire State Building
•    American Museum of Natural History
•    St. Patrick's Cathedral
•    The High Line
•    Ground Zero Museum Workshop
•    The Cloisters
•    Robert H. Treman State Park

You will be able to enjoy all of the above attractions and visiting areas in the New York state. Simply book a vacation rental from and have fun.

Weather in New York state

The overall weather in New York state is humid and comfortable throughout the year. You will feel a bit warm on the southeastern side. However, the climate here is comfortable and you can enjoy a lot.

If you desire to make the most of your visit to New York state, consider visiting it in the months from June to August. These months are a bit warm, sunny and pleasant. You will also enjoy some different type of activities here. 

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Search vacation rentals in New York

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New York state is one of the most popular states of the US. It has come outstanding locations and attractions. From nature to wildlife and from entertainment to food, you will find everything here. so, if you want to spend a memorable vacation, consider New York state.