Montana is a US state located in the northwestern region of the United States. This is a state of the Rocky Mountains, Great Plains, and amazing climate. It is 4th largest and 7th populous state of the US. It is also called Big Sky Country. The natural elements industry is its treasure which includes oil, coal and other natural elements. Another great reason for its popularity is its parks and tourist’s attractions. Every year, thousands of people come here to spend their holidays. The clear blue sky with fresh air provides a fascinating experience to the people who visit Montana for vacations. Montana is considered one of the best places for fishing in the entire world. This is due to its clear waters which have a number of fish types. The valleys and high rocks can give you an outstanding experience here. if you are looking for great natural views to explore, then you can get a lot in Montana. Besides all of its natural attractions and environment, the food here is very popular. You can enjoy almost every food type regarding different culture and countries. Montana is the best place for vacations. If you are planning to visit Montana, you can book vacation rentals from

Vacation rentals in Montana

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Things to do in Montana

Montana is one of the numerous popular states of US regarding national parks and tourist attractions. Here are some parks you will find in Montana.

•    Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area – national park
•    Glacier National Park – national park
•    Grant-Kohrs Ranch National Historic Site – national park
•    Lewis & Clark Caverns State Park – state park
•    Giant Springs State Park – state park
•    Pictograph Cave State Park – state park
•    Big Hole National Battlefield – national park
•    National Bison Range – national wildlife refuge
•    Makoshika State Park – state park
•    Beavertail Hill State Park – state park
•    First Peoples Buffalo Jump State Park – state park
•    Mountain View RV Park – RV Park
•    Madison Buffalo Jump – state park

You can enjoy some other attractions in Montana. Have a look at some of them.

•    Museum of the Rockies
•    Kootenai Falls Swinging Bridge
•    Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument
•    Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center
•    The Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center
•    Pictograph Cave State Park
•    Montana Vortex and House of Mystery
•    Visit Helena Information Center
•    Miracle of America Museum
•    Montana Gems of Philipsburg
•    The Montana Blue Jewel Mine

Besides national parks and attractions, you can get involved in some activities. 

•    Great Northern Carousel
•    A Carousel for Missoula
•    Yellowstone Big Gun Fun
•    Playmill Theatre
•    Bridger Bowl Ski Area
•    Brewery Follies

All of the above attractions, parks, and visiting areas are available in Montana. Plan a visit and get vacation rentals from

Weather in Montana

The average weather in Montana is pleasant. Although the weather is somehow different in different regions of the state, yet you feel a warm, cool and comfortable weather in this state. 

The best time to visit Montana state is from April to May and from September to November. These months are very comfortable in Montana. 

The cheapest time to visit Montana is the months from September to November. The people fill these months and you get a lot of deals and cheap offers.

Search vacation rentals in Montana

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Montana is a great state where you can find anything according to your taste and nature. Whether we talk about visiting areas or we consider natural attractions, everything here is perfect. You will find every type of food here. it means you can have great time here with your loved ones. So, if you are planning to go somewhere for your vacations, you can decide Montana state.