Mississippi is a US state which is located in the southern region. It is linked with Gulf of Mexico and Mississippi river as borders. With almost 3 million of population, it is 32nd most popular state of the US. Its largest city and capital is Jackson. This state has a lot of rivers and lakes which is its most prominent thing. Moreover, the natural attractions like parks, zoos, tourists’ areas and rivers are considerable here. the climate of this state is humid. Is has long summers and short winters. In summers, there is usually sunshine with a mild hot weather. Winters are a bit cold but pleasant. The Mississippi state is also called the Hospitality state. If you want to enjoy nature at its best, you must come here to visit its places. Its culture is very prominent in the world and people come here from all across the world. You will also get the traditional foods and colors which are admirable and awesome.

Vacation rentals in Mississippi

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Things to do in Mississippi

When it comes to family recreation areas, parks and forests come in mind at first. There are a lot of parks in Mississippi. have a look at some of them. 

•    Paul B Johnson State Park – state park
•    Percy E Quin State Park – state park
•    Buccaneer State Park – state park
•    Roosevelt State Park – state park
•    Vicksburg National Military Park – national park
•    Percy E Quin State Park – state park
•    Wall Doxey State Park – state park
•    Tombigbee State Park – state park
•    Leroy Percy State Park – state park
•    Lefleur’s Bluff State Park – state park
•    JP Coleman State Park – state park
•    Shepard State Park – state park
•    Holmes County State Park – state park
•    John W Kyle State Park – state park
•    Gulf Islands National Seashore – national park

Besides parks in Mississippi, you can have fun at some other attractions. Here is the list of some attractions in this state.

•    Mississippi Petrified Forest
•    Clark Creek Natural Area
•    Hattiesburg Zoo
•    Mississippi Governor's Mansion
•    Mississippi Museum of Natural Science
•    Mississippi Children's Museum
•    Mississippi Museum of Art
•    Rosalie Mississippi State Dar
•    Mississippi Agriculture & Forestry Museum
•    Natchez Tourism Department
•    St. Mary Basilica
•    Geyser Falls Water Theme Park

You can also have fun doing some activities with your loved ones.

•    MSU Riley Center
•    Bananas Mini Golf & Arcade
•    Institute for Marine Mammal Studies
•    Gulf Islands Waterpark
•    Longwood

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Weather in Mississippi

Mississippi is a great state where you can enjoy both summers and winters. The average summer temperature is 27 and winter temperature is 9 C. it is a very pleasant weather with sunshine and fresh air.

The most popular time to visit Mississippi is the summer time. It is the time when a lot of people come here to enjoy with their loved ones. August July and June are the months when you can enjoy at its most.

February is the cheapest time to visit Mississippi. you will get flight deals as well as offers at hotels, vacation rentals and foods.

Search vacation rentals in Mississippi

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Nearby vacation rental destinations

There are a lot of nearby destinations where you can spend some time with your friends and family members. Mississippi is a great state where you can enjoy a lot of things. You can enjoy natural destinations, tourists’ attractions and state places which are specially designed for visitors. So visit Mississippi and experience a great vacation.a