Maine is a US state which is located in New England region. It is one of the most popular US states which is well known for its lakes, rivers and oceans. It is 39th most extensive state of the United States. It has some other natural beauties like high mountains, beautiful peaks, rivers, eye-catching waterways and thick forests. this state is also known for its cool and pleasant weather. The calm weather attracts visitors from all over the world. That’s the only reason why millions of people come here every year to enjoy its beauty and culture. Maine state is best known for its sailing and great lakes. There are plenty of lakes in different areas which increase the beauty of this land. If you are a sailing beloved and want to enjoy it in comfortable surroundings, don’t forget to visit Maine and its places. Due to its places and beautiful attractions, this state is also called vacationland because several thousand visitors consider this state for their vacation times.

Vacation rentals in Maine

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Things to do in Maine

Parks are great places where you can enjoy with your friends and family members. Here is the list of some parks in Maine.

•    Acadia National Park – National park
•    Peaks-Kenny State Park – State Park
•    Sebago Lake State Park – State Park
•    Baxter State Park – State Park
•    Aroostook State Park – State Park
•    Reid State Park – Park
•    Two Lights State Park – State Park
•    Wolfe's Neck Woods State Park – State Park
•    Moose Point State Park – State Park
•    Crescent Beach State Park – State Park
•    Popham Beach State Park – State Park
•    Lily Bay State Park – State Park

There are some other attractions in Maine which you must visit if you are traveling to Maine.

•    Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens
•    Height of Land
•    Desert of Maine
•    Fort Knox
•    Stephen King House
•    Brick Store Museum
•    Boothbay Railway Village
•    Maine Maritime Museum
•    Penobscot Theatre Company
•    Wadsworth-Longfellow House
•    York's the Wild Kingdom

Here is the list of some enjoyable activities in Maine.

•    Children's Museum & Theatre of Maine
•    Funtown Splashtown USA
•    Maine State Music Theatre
•    Ogunquit Playhouse
•    Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens
•    Playland Adventures
•    Eastern Promenade

You can easily book a package in Maine to enjoy these amazing attractions. All you need is exploring the different areas of Maine and book a vacation.

Weather in Maine

Maine has average weather throughout the state. In summer, it is a bit warm but pleasant weather. Oppositely, the winters are snowy and cool. The overall temperature varies from time to time, but it remains pleasant.

The September to October season is the best time to visit Maine. It is very pleasant weather in this season. Another great season is from November to May. 

The best cheaper time to visit Maine state is from mid-November to start of May. In this season, you will get a lot of offers, deals, and packages in the state.

Search vacation rentals in Maine

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Nearby vacation rental destinations

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