Louisiana, also known as Child of the Mississippi, is the 31st largest state in the US. Its capital is Baton Rouge which is the second largest city of the state. The Gulf of Mexico joins this state to its south side. The east region is linked with Mississippi, and the north region is bordered by Arkansas. Louisiana is 25th most popular state in the United States. This state is best known for its climate, livings, and lands. The most popular livings of Louisiana are birds and fishes. There are hundreds of diverse types of birds and fishes here. moreover, several kinds of plants are found here which are a solid reason for its large tourism ratio. People come here from all across the world to explore its lands and unusual livings. There are a lot of American tribes on its southern side which make it more interesting. English, French, and Spanish are the main languages spoken here. this is a magnificent place to spend the holidays. If you are looking for somewhere to spend amazing time with your loved ones, Louisiana is best. You can get vacation rentals in Louisiana from Tripz.com.

Vacation rentals in Louisiana

A vacation rental is a type of furnished building with almost every living facility. It is just like a hotel or a rental apartment. The only difference is charges and services types. In a hotel, you can reserve a room for a particular amount of days. You also have to follow some strict rules which are described by the hotel. You cannot break the rules, or your booking will be canceled. However, in a vacation rental, you can book an entire house or small building for your families. You can live here freely without any tensions or problems. That’s the reason why vacation rentals are more popular than hotels.

You can either register a vacation rental or a hotel on your trip, but you will get more benefits in a vacation rental. The main benefit is fewer charges. However, both these are same regarding their lodging services.

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Things to do in Louisiana

The most casual attraction of any place is a park. In Louisiana, there are hundreds of parks where you can have great fun. Here is the list of them.

•    Cane River Creole National Historical Park – national park
•    Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve – national park
•    New Orleans Jazz National Historical Park – national park
•    Chalmette Battlefield – national park
•    US National Park Services – holiday park
•    Vicksburg National Military Park – state park
•    USDA Forest Service, Calcasieu Ranger District Office, Kisatchie National Forest – national forest
•    Black Bayou Lake National Wildlife Refuge – wildlife refuge
•    National Park Services-Maint – park
•    Wild Azalea Trail Head – national park
•    National Park Services – park
•    Sam Houston Jones State Park – state park
•    Lake D'Arbonne State Park – state park
•    Atchafalaya National Wildlife Refuge – national wildlife park

If you are not interested in parks or have visited plenty of them, have a look at some other attractions in Louisiana.

•    Jungle Gardens
•    Mardi Gras World
•    Oak Alley Plantation
•    Whitney Plantation
•    USS Kidd Museum
•    Global Wildlife Center
•    Audubon Aquarium of the Americas
•    Alexandria Zoological Park
•    Jackson Square
•    San Francisco Plantation
•    Laura Plantation
•    Champagne's Cajun Swamp Tours

Now have a look at some activities you can do in the entire Louisiana state.

•    State Fair of Louisiana
•    Dixie Center for the Arts
•    Preservation Hall
•    Ponchatoula Strawberry Festival

There are some amazing attractions in Louisiana which will give you enough entertainment and fun. You can book your vacation rental at Tripz.com to enjoy them all.

Weather in Louisiana

Louisiana has a humid climate with long and hot summers and short winters. Usually, the winters are mild with an average comfortable temperature. Summers are a long team with a hot but still comfortable temperature. 

The February to the may season is the best time to visit Louisiana. This is springtime and most of the visitors come here during this season. You can enjoy some special events and vacation programs during this season.

The season after February is the cheapest time to visit Louisiana. You can avail hundreds of offers and discounts in this season.

Search vacation rentals in Louisiana

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Nearby vacation rental destinations

Louisiana is a great place to visit during holidays. It has some great attractions that can make you fall in love with this state. It doesn’t matter in which season you come here, you will always find its culture, colors, climate and festivals amazing. In short, Louisiana is the best state to visit.