Kentucky which is authoritatively known as Commonwealth of Kentucky is a state of United States of America. It is located in the east south-central region of USA.  It is a state touching its border with Virginia to the southeast, West Virginia to the east,  Missouri to the west,  Tennessee to the south, Ohio to the north and northeast and Illinois, Indiana to the northwest. It is famous for moonshine, two largest human-made lakes,  horse racing and college basketball. This state has many things to offer you and make your vacations full of pleasure and excitement. You undoubtedly have the right to know about this state and you can do so at 

Vacation rentals in Kentucky

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Things to do in Kentucky

There are countless things to do in this state and various spots to go for. At first, we should talk about the parks because parks are the real beauty of any state. Here is the list of national parks in Kentucky.

•    General Butler State Resort Park – State Park
•    Barren River Lake State Park– State Park
•    Paintsville Lake State Park– State Park
•    Land between the Lakes National Recreation Area – National Forest
•    Hematite Lake Picnic Area– National Forest
•    Daniel Boone National Forest – National Forest
•    Natural Bridge State Resort Park– National Forest
•    Hematite Lake Picnic Area – Memorial Park
•    Lake Malone State Park – State Park
•   John James Audubon State Park– State Park
•   Rough River Dam Resort State Park– Park
•    Dr Thomas Walker State Park – State Park

There are many other attractions in Kentucky which are mentioned below. You can visit anyone according to your wish with our help.

•    Mary Todd Lincoln House
•    The Thoroughbred Center
•    Creation Museum
•    Evan Williams Bourbon Experience
•    Kentucky Derby Museum
•    Muhammad Ali Center
•    Raven Run Nature Sanctuary
•    Diamond Caverns
•    Louisville Mega Cavern
•    Woodford Reserve Distillery
•    Kentucky Down Under Adventure Zoo
•    Kentucky Splash WaterPark and Campground
•    Buffalo Trace Distillery

There are a lot other activity centers which you should visit to enjoy. These centers will introduce new things about the state.
•    UK Student Activities Board
•    George E. Luce Physical Activities Center
•    Meade Activity Center
•    Clear Creek Park Family Activity Center
•    Moore Activity Center
•    River Trace Golf at Meade Activity Center
•    Preston Center
•    Swain Student Activities Center
•    George E. Luce Physical Activities Center
•    Warrior Activity Center
•    Opportunity Center Activity
•    University of Louisville Campus Store
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Weather in Kentucky

The average temperature of Kentucky is hot but not too hot in all months of the year. Its moderate temperature allows everyone to go and visit this state as long as desired. From May to October normal temperature is 90°F which can high or low according to wind power. There is rain in last months of every year.

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Nearby vacation rental destinations

Kentucky is a fabulous state which is waiting for you. You can plan to visit any area of this state in any month.  It doesn’t matter which place you choose to stay in Kentucky; you will always find amazing services and multiple points of interest here with our help. Every city and town has state parks, national parks, activity centers, and other mind refreshing attractions. These all are the reasons why Kentucky is very popular state of United States of America and offering its fantastic taste to all visitors from any region of the world.