Indiana is a US state which is located in Great Lakes region of North America. It is the 17th most populous state of USA  with 38th extensive area rank. It’s economy is splendid and supports the overall economy of the country. Its total area is 36,418 square miles including land and water. Its border touches Michigan on its north side, Ohio at its east, and Illinois at its west side. The people of this state are very friendly and welcome each visitor with great love from any part of the world. There are many things to visit, enjoy and learn historical information. There are many vacation rentals and charming activity centers which are enough to consider Indiana for the visiting choice. Everything else you want to get access can be easily known at 

Vacation rentals in Indiana

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Things to do in Indiana

There are unlimited national parks in Indiana. You can select anyone among these parks. You can contact us to understand the benefits of visiting each park. Here is the list of national parks in Indiana.

•    Turkey Run State Park – State Park
•    McCormick's Creek State Park – State Park
•    Potato Creek State Park – State Park
•    Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore – National Park
•    George Rogers Clark National Historical Park – National Park
•    West Beach - Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore – National Park
•    Indiana Dunes State Park – National Park
•    Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial – Memorial Park
•    Tippecanoe River State Park – State Park
•    Summit Lake State Park – State Park
•    Pokagon State Park – Park
•    Harmonie State Park – State Park

There are many other attractions in Indiana which are mentioned below. You can consider visiting anyone according to your wish.

•   Marengo Cave U.S. National Landmark
•   Fort Wayne Children's Zoo
•   Indiana Caverns
•   Dutch Creek Farm Animal Park
•   Squire Boone Caverns
•   Oliver Winery
•   Soldiers and Sailors Monument
•    Worlds Largest Ball of Paint
•    Indianapolis Zoo
•    Squire Boone Caverns Zipline Adventures
•    The Dairy Adventure at Fair Oaks Farms
•    Medora Covered Bridge
•   Indiana Beach Boardwalk Resort

There are a lot of other activity center and fun places which can give you real fun in Indiana.

•    Wabash Activity Center
•    Lawrence Community Activities Center
•    Swanson Activity Center For Older Adults
•    Crown Point Family Fun Center
•    Franklin Park & Recreation
•    Elite Fitness Center
•    Alexandria Community Center
•    Franciscan Health and Fitness Center
•    Indy Island Aquatic Center
•    North Webster Community Center
•    Highland Parks and Recreation
•    Tolson Community and Youth Center

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Weather in Indiana

The average weather of Indiana is enjoyable and pleasant. Average daytime temperature ranges from 40 to 85 F in Indiana which is a balanced temperature to visit there any month of the year. Summer seasons and winter season have their own characteristics. Thunderstorms are usually more common in winter but also can come in summer. 

Although all months are favorable to visit this state but the priority should be given to October and November. These months are fall season with moderate temperature. There is no heavy rain and the sky is clear to enjoy long distance traveling. 

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Search vacation rentals in Indiana

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Nearby vacation rental destinations

Indiana is a right state which you should visit to make your vacations wonderful and unforgettable. You are able to enjoy your vacations at top height without any worry because we are here to manage everything for you. Indiana is a blessed state with a lot of cities and lakes. There are a lot of choices to consider so you can decide where to stay during your holidays. It doesn’t mean which place you choose to stay in Indiana; you will always find some amazing services and points of interest there with our help. All the cities and towns have national parks, activity centers, and other soul refreshing attractions. These are the reasons why Indiana is very popular state of United States of America.