Idaho is the 14th largest state with a population of almost 1.6 million. It is a wonderful state which consists of amazing natural destinations. From rivers to lakes and from parks to recreation areas, everything here is incredible. The climate here is pleasant and comfortable most of the time. Thousands of visitors come for the food and culture. The most popular thing about Idaho State is its waterfalls. The clear blue waterfalls with sunshine and a healthy climate; all these things are enough to spend great times here.

Vacation rentals in Idaho

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Things to do in Idaho

There is a quantity of national parks in Idaho State. If you are a park lover, then have a look at Idaho national parks below.

  •   Hagerman Fossil Beds National Monument – National park
  •   Craters of the Moon National Monument & Preserve – National park
  •   City of Rocks National Reserve – National park
  •   Hells Canyon National Recreation Area – National park
  •   Farragut State Park – State Park
  •   Sawtooth National Forest – National forest
  •   Hells Canyon National Recreation Area – National park
  •   Boise National Forest – National forest
  •   Caribou-Targhee National Forest – National forest
  •   Teton Valley RV Park – RV Park
  •   Celebration Park – State Park

  • If you are visiting Idaho, don’t forget to visit one of these attractions.

    •   Shoshone Indian Ice Caves
    •   Zoo Boise
    •   Idaho Botanical Garden
    •   Yellowstone Bear World
    •   McEuen Park and Dog Park
    •   Freak Alley Gallery
    •   Minnetonka Cave
    •   Idaho State Capitol Building
    •   Old Idaho Penitentiary Site
    •   Hells Gate State Park
    •   Challis Hot Springs
    •   Farragut State Park
    •   Mesa Falls Scenic Byway
    •   Miracle & Banbury HotSprings
    •   The National Oregon/California Trail Center

    • Besides the attractions and national parks, here is a list of some activities.

      •   Wahooz Family Fun Zone
      •   Portneuf Health Trust Amphitheatre
      •   Silverwood Theme Park
      •   Panida Theatre Inc
      •   Warhawk Air Museum

      • Weather in Idaho

        The weather in Idaho State is considerable and comfortable. The best time to visit Idaho State is from June to September this time is perfect in terms of weather, climate and the overall environment. During this time, there is also less chance of rain or snowfall which means you can enjoy the outside without any problems.

        The cheaper times to visit Idaho State are from June- September, these are the best months in which you get best deals.

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        Nearby vacation rental destinations

        If you are thinking about visiting popular cities in Idaho and maximize your stay here are a few you may like.
        • Bern
        • Boise
        • Buhl
        • Caldwell
        • Donnelly