SPECTACULAR 180° PANORAMIC VIEW!! - 2 New La-Z-Boy Recliners!! 2 BR/2BA, Huge Balcony.


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Experience summer the way it should be!! Tropical Florida sun-drenched days, warm gulf breezes, ultra-white beaches, moon lit nights and clear emerald water abound. Just lay back, unwind and relax as you create magical memories. We offer a special place loaded with luxurious details, yet designed to be comfortable, practical and efficient.

Located centrally at 10625 Front Beach Road, we are easily accessible to and minutes away from relaxing and rejuvenating activities for the entire family.

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* HUGE Balcony with comfortable deck furniture and spectacular 180° view!
* Master Bedroom with King Bed and Gulf View!
* Adjoining Private Master Bathroom
* Guest Bedroom with Two Full Beds
* Adjoining Semi-private Guest Bathroom
* Free High Speed Internet Service
* Three TV's with Cable, DVD players
* Stereo AM/FM/CD Player
* Full Kitchen, Microwave, Dishwasher, Refrigerator, Ice Maker, Cooking utensils
* Dining area for 4 and Breakfast Bar for 3
* All Linens and Towels provided
* Washer/Dryer in the condo
* Iron/Ironing board
* Hair Dryers
* No Smoking Please


* Two swimming pools (one is seasonally heated)
* Oversized Hot Tub
* 200’ of sugar white beaches and turquoise water
* Grills on Pool Deck
* Fitness Center, Sauna, Steam room
* Umbrella/chair rentals available on-site
* Jet Ski Rentals available on-site
* Parasailing available on-site
* Covered Parking
* 6 condos per floor, Condos on 3 - 23 floors
* 3 high speed elevators for only 120 condos
* 24 Hour Security

Additional Information: Please visit our website "oceanvillacondo.com" for more information.

About The Area

This quaint looking beach town has a lot more to offer than simply world-class natural amenities. Sure, the 27 miles of pristine coastline are what draw people in. But once you arrive, there are a million reasons to stay. Those in need of a reprieve from the sunshine will have an array of adventrues to choose from in Panama City Beach. Festivals abound all times of the year! If you can't find a festival, how about a round of mini-golf, or a game of laser tag? A trip to Sea World or to a museum might be on your agenda. There's fish to be had, both from the pier and from a charter! There are miles and miles of trails to hike or bike. Kiteboarding and parasailing are favorites for those that like to fly and for those that like to dive, there's a sunken ship off the coast where Lionfish are waiting to be speared! Set out to explore local state parks and beaches and find out firsthand how diverse and rare animal species and plant life make Panama City Beach a nature lover’s wonderland. Panama City Beach boasts more than 200 restaurants, offering ample opportunities to dine around town. If it's shopping you're looking for, Panama City Beach's Pier Park doesn't dissappoint! Pier Park is a 1.1 million square foot retail shopping adventure that has all but redefined the west end of Panama City Beach. Whatever your pleasure, as a true, All-American seaside retreat, this beach is chock-full of fun attractions sure to please. If there's one thing we take seriously here in Panama City Beach, it's fun. With boatloads of family attractions, top-notch dining, beach activities and amazing accommodations, we're surefire enjoyment in, on or under the water. Explore the best beach this side of paradise, and experience all the things to do in Panama City Beach.

House Rules


Rules and Regulations

VIDEO SURVEILLANCE: Ocean Villa property is equipped with 24 hour video surveillance

RENTAL AGE MINIMUM- Month of March and April:To rent a condominium, at least one person making the rental must be 25 years older. The person or persons over 25 years of age who made the rental reservation must be staying and available in the unit for the entire rental period. Anyone under 25 must have in-room adult supervision by the 25 years or older person or persons who made the rental reservation. Failure to follow this rule will lead to Association Management following eviction procedures immediately.The restrictions contained in this rule shall be in effect only during the period of time of March 1 through the 3rd week of April each year.

Quiet Hours: “Quiet Hours” are enforced throughout the condominium property between 11:00 PM to 8:00 AM. All owners and guest shall refrain from any activity that would disturb other residents at all times, but especially during quiet hours. If Association Management determines a guest is violating this rule they will be given one warning for the entire length of their stay. A second instance will lead to Association Management following eviction procedures immediately

PROHIBITION OF NON-AUTHORIZED PERSONS: During the period of time between March 1 and the third Saturday in April of each year, the Association may deny access to the Condominium Property to any person who is not wearing a wristband as required by these rules and may require any person which is present on the Condominium Property while not wearing said wristband to immediately remove himself or herself from the Condominium Property. 

ALCOHOL: There shall be no consumption of alcoholic beverages in any form on the Common Elements or Limited Common Elements of the Condominium during the period of time between March 1 and the third Saturday of April each year.

OCCUPANCY LIMIT: There shall be no more than 8 persons occupying a two-bedroom unit on an overnight basis. This rule shall apply only to occupancy by renters and guests who are occupying the unit at a time when the unit owner is not present and staying in the unit on an overnight basis.

SMOKING PROHIBITED:  Smoking is not permitted on the Condominium Property. Smoking on any limited common area balcony, patio, or the like, as well as on any portion of the common elements of the condominium is prohibited, except in the designated smoking area. Smoking shall mean inhaling, exhaling, burning, carrying or possessing any lighted tobacco product or illegal substance including cigarettes, cigars, pipe tobacco, and any other lighted tobacco product or illegal substance. The use “electronic” or “vapor” cigarettes, cigars, pipes, or similar apparatus are prohibited in the same manner as use of smoking devices, except in the designated smoking area.

WRISTBANDS: Wristbands must be worn on the wrist at all times while on Ocean Villa property. If you are asked to present your wristband and cannot do so, you will be asked to leave.

COMMON AREAS: No articles belonging to residents, including household items, furniture, food for animals, trash and garbage may be placed in common areas of the buildings, such as walkways, lobbies and halls. Any such items will be considered trash by Association management and will be placed in trash dumpsters. These common areas must be kept free of obstructions. Changes/additions to common areas must be approved by the Board of Directors. Report all maintenance problems promptly. Neither owners nor guests shall use the common areas for private purposes such as planting flowers, trees or gardens, placement of swings or other children’s play items or use of such areas for personal storage.

POOL: The pool rules are posted by the pool gate. Children under the age of 12  must be accompanied at all times by a responsible person at least 16 years of age. For your safety no glass containers are permitted in the pool area. Parents must monitor their children. Pool closes at 11:00 pm each night. If you are in the pool after 11:00 pm you are trespassing. Children under age three (3), children age three (3) or older who are not toilet trained and any other persons who are incontinent, may not use the swimming pool unless they are wearing leak-proof protective diapers and a swimsuit. The diaper is to be checked before entering the pool and the child or person wearing the diaper shall not be allowed in the pool unless the diaper is clean. As to children who are under age three (3) or not toilet-trained, a parent or adult guardian must hold the child in their arms at all times while the child is in the pool. As there is no life-guard on duty, all persons use the pool at their own risk and parents are responsible for ensuring that their children are continuously and diligently monitored while in or about the pool. Identification may be required by the Board to be worn by all persons authorized to be present within the pool enclosure area.

UNIT KEYS: The Association requires unit keys to gain access for scheduled pest control service, routine maintenance and emergencies. If you change the locks on your unit, you must provide the Association with a copy of the new key within 72 hours of the locks being changed.

CHILDREN’S ACTIVITIES: Children are welcome in Ocean Villa, a condominium, and there is no desire to restrict their normal activities. Nevertheless, they are required to observe the same restrictions that apply to adults. This precludes the playful use of equipment, the use of any common areas in the building for play areas, unless otherwise designated by the Board of Directors, or any other conduct that will interfere with the quiet and comfort of the owners. Adult owners with whom children are living will be held responsible for the observance of these rules and regulations by the children.

SECURITY: All owners must cooperate if effective security of the Condominium Property is to be obtained. This requires that all unit doors be locked at all times; solicitors are not allowed to enter a unit without an appointment; and all suspicious appearing persons or incidents should be reported immediately to the management. 

CONTRACTOR REGISTRATION: All Contractors must register with the Association Office (Room 303) prior to commencing any work on Ocean Villa property.

PROHIBITIONS: All unit owners, their tenants, guests and invitees are prohibited from:

·         Balcony climbing, in any form

·         Throwing, pitching or tossing ANY object from or off a balcony including cigarette butts.

·         Possession or use of firearms or illegal narcotics

·         Tampering with fire extinguishers or equipment

·         Underage consumption of alcoholic beverages

·         Grilling or cooking on balcony

·         Contributing to the delinquency of minors to include underage drinking in room

·         Possession of kegs; kegs are not allowed on the grounds, beach, or in guestrooms

·         Jumping or rough activity in elevators

·         Malicious destruction or theft of Resort and/or Guest property

·         Indecent exposure

·         Physical altercations or threatening behavior, including excessive use of profane language

·         Noise complaints (radios, verbal altercations, loud talking, yelling from balconies)

·         Continued violation(s) of any Resort rule or policy after being sufficiently warned 

PARKING: Parking passes must be displayed on rear view mirror or dashboard of your vehicle. Due to space restrictions only unit owners, registered guests and Association employees will be allowed to park on the Resort property. Parking is first —come, first-served basis.

Illegal or improperly parked vehicles will be towed at owner’s expense. A vehicle will be towed when:

·         Vehicle does not have a valid OCEAN VILLA parking pass properly displayed.

·         Vehicle is parked in any area other than a legal parking space.

·         Vehicle is taking up more than one parking space.

·         Vehicle is parked in a handicapped space without proper handicap authorization.

·         Vehicle is parked on medians, lawns, etc.

·         Vehicle is blocking trash areas or dumpster areas.

·         Vehicle is parked in a manner that blocks the ingress or egress of the property.

·         Vehicle is parked in an area marked with a "No Parking" sign.

·         Vehicle is parked in any improper fashion.

Parking Passes/Wristbands: Parking pass/decal must be displayed on rear view mirror or dashboard of vehicle at all time when they are on the property. Rental guests may obtain up to 2 parking passes and 8 wristbands, which are valid only during their stay. Guest should obtain their parking passes and wristbands from the unit owner or Rental Company prior to check in. Purchase of parking passes in a bulk pack of 10 will cost $50.00. Purchase of an individual parking pass will cost $20.00 per pass. Owners and management companies will receive a set of 10 reusable guest wristbands per unit at no cost. An additional bulk pack of 10 armbands will cost $100.00. Purchase of an individual guest wristband will cost $25.00 per wristband. Only cash or personal check made payable to Ocean Villa Association will be accepted. Initially each owner will be issued 2 permanent parking owner decals and 6 royal blue owner wristbands which are NOT transferable, free of charge. Wristbands must be worn at all time when they are on the property. Vehicles without valid parking pass/decal will be towed at owner's/renter's expense. All vehicles must be parked inside the solid lines. Vehicles parked in fire lanes, lawn areas, double parked, or parked in more than one (1) space will be towed regardless of having a valid owner or guest parking pass. Trailers, motor homes, motor boats, camper trailers, trucks, tractors or commercial vehicles of any kind are NOT allowed on condominium property. Small sail boats and utility trailers (up to 15 feet of length), jet skis, electric or gas scooters of any kind must be parked on the North Side garage across the street with a valid parking pass.

Late arriving rental guests must obtain a parking pass from the Association Office (Room 303) by 11:00AM the next morning. Parking without a pass after 11:00AM the next day will result in vehicle being towed at renter's expense.

RECREATIONAL FACILITIES: The use of all recreational facilities and common areas will be in such a manner as to respect the rights of other owners, renters, and their guests. Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult at all time while on the property. Owners, renters, and their guests may not extend the privilege of using any recreational facilities to their friends and relatives when they are not on the property.

ELEVATOR SAFETY: If you jump in the elevator the safety system will lock the elevator in place and you will be trapped inside until a technician can be dispatched (approx. 1-2 hours). You will be greeted by an officer who will escort you to the office for payment of the service call and any resulting damage.

LUGGAGE CARTS: Please return the luggage carts to the second and ground floor parking garage so fellow guests can have use of the cart. Carts are not to be taken inside the room at any time.

PETS: Only owners are allowed to bring pets to the property. Pets must be under control at all times and owners are responsible for picking up and disposing of pet wastes. Pets are not allowed in the pool and spa areas. By law, pets are NOT allowed on the beach at any time.


                               (a)           Air Conditioning.  When the air conditioning unit is operating it is not advisable to open windows or doors must not be left open. This is because the moisture in the warm air which is admitted will condense with resultant dampness and mildew in the unit.

                               (b)          Decoration.           No unit owner shall decorate any part of his unit or the building so as to change the appearance of any balconies except floors. This precludes the painting of any balconies except floors, illumination of the exterior of the building, display of suspended plants or other objects upon railings, ceilings or exterior window sills or ledges, unless approved by the Board of Directors in writing.  

                               (c)           Common Area Equipment Failure.       Equipment, such as exercise room, pool, and elevator shall be used only for the purpose intended. Failure of any equipment shall be reported immediately to the management regardless of the responsibility for maintenance in order that proper precautions may be taken to avoid damage of other equipment. Each unit owner shall be liable for all damage caused by misuse of equipment, such as exercise room, pool, and elevator by the owners or guests of the owner’s unit.

                               (d)          Fire Hazards.         No article shall be stored nor any use made of any part of the common area property, such as electrical room closet and stairwells that will constitute a fire hazard. Owners are reminded that they will be assessed for any increase in the cost of insurance over the cost for residential use that is caused by their hazardous use of the Condominium Property.    

                               (e)           Hanging of Objects and Articles Shaken, Swept or Tossed from Building. The hanging of bathing suits, clothing, rugs, towels or other items upon balconies or railings or from windows is prohibited. No article shall be shaken, swept or tossed from any door, window, or balconies. 

                               (f)           Installations.         No such awnings, blinds, shades or sunscreens shall be used on balconies. 

CAUSE FOR REMOVAL FROM CONDOMINIUM PROPERTY: Actions by owners, tenants, guest or invitees which present an immediate danger to the life, health or safety to any person or an immediate threat to any portion of the condominium property shall be cause for the removal of such owners, tenants, guests or invitees from the condominium property.


Families; Couples; Solo; Friends; Business; Snowbirds; No Parties; No Smoking; No Pets; Minimum Age Limit For Renters


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Perfect in every way!

WOW!! We weren't expecting to be wowed like this! From the first step into the door until the day we left, there was nothing that, even slightly, disappointed us! What a bargain!! Super, super nice! The best view ever! Clean and comfy! Well stocked! Tastefully furnished! Just, WOW!!

Visited on "July - 2017

Beautiful views of the Ocean

We stayed in this condo for two weeks and were very pleased with everything!! The condo was very clean and everything worked well. We are defenitly going here again in the future!!

Visited on "June - 2017


I planned a trip for my birthday and stayed in Ocean Villa 1602. This condo was absolutely perfect! It was very clean and equipped with everything I needed for my enjoyable stay. I must say that the owners have done an awesome job with the beautiful decorations. The view from the large balcony was amazing! I definitely plan to stay in this condo again!

Visited on "May - 2017

Great condo and vacation!

Perfect vacation!

Visited on "April - 2017

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