Vacation Rental Community Scholarship is all about supporting our community, and what could be more important in our community than the future of our youth and the education they receive? is sponsoring an essay contest for students in our community with a reward of a $1,000 scholarship for the winning student’s submission.

2018 Essay Topic

Explain how tourism positively impacts the community where you live. Tell us what attracts travelers to your area and why we should come visit. Share details on local sights, events and experiences that make your community unique.


Applicants must be a U.S. citizen, be a junior/senior in high school or a current college student, have a minimum GPA of 2.5.

Award amount: $1,000.00

Deadline Date: End of Each Quarter (4 Winners a Year).

(Winners Chosen Quarterly, must submit a picture holding funds received. If a big check is sent, you agree to hold check and take a picture. Any pictures sent to us give us legal rights to post those on our website to display the winner(s).


How To Enter

Entering for the Community Scholarship is easy!
  • 1.

    Make sure you meet our eligibility requirements

  • 2.

    Write blog post about what makes your community great and how travel and vacation rentals positively impact your community. ( 800 words or more)

  • 3.

    Email your submission along with your contact and eligibility information (First & Last Name, Birthdate, School, GPA, Phone and address)

The Selection Process

  • 1. Final candidates will be selected 1 week after the application deadline.
  • 2. Top 20 scholarship applicants' submissions will be posted on
  • 3. team members and clients will vote for the winner.
  • 4. Winner will be announced on Blog and Press Release.
  • 5. Monies will be sent to student or education institution on student's behalf.
  • 6. Scholarship awards are for a maximum of $1,000.00 USD.

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