Arizona is a state n the southwestern region of the United States of America and is the sixth largest state. The name of its capital is Phoenix which is also its largest city. Its borders meet with Mexico, Utah, New Mexico, California, and Nevada. It is a four corner state and famous for its Basin and Range’s desert. The state is covered with public parks, forests, plateaus, and mountains. It can be said that this state is full of natural scenes and places that should not be missed on your vacation. 

Vacation rentals in Arizona 

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Things to do in Arizona 

Arizona is a hub of parks. Every park has its taste and offers something new to its visitors. To give you a look at each park of this state, we are presenting the data of all parks in below.
•   Kartchner Caverns State Park – State Park 
•    Catalina State Park– State Park 
•    Oracle State Park– State Park 
•    Jerome State Historic Park– State Park 
•    Montezuma Castle National Monument– National Park 
•    Walnut Canyon National Monument– National Park 
•   Wupatki National Monument– National Park 
•   Tonto National Monument– National Park 
• Cattail Cove State Park– State Park 
• Lake Havasu State Park – State Park 
•   Casa Grande Ruins National Monument– Park 
•Tuzigoot National Monument 
•Grand Canyon-Parashant National Monument 
•Lake Mead National Recreation Area 
• Tonto Natural Bridge State Park– State Park 
•Patagonia Lake State Park– State Park 
•Riordan Mansion State Historic Park– State Park 
•River Island State Park– State Park 
There are many other attractions in Arizona which are mentioned below. You can see complete details of all attractions which you should visit. 
•   Lower Antelope Canyon 
•Meteor Crater Natural Landmark 
• Montezuma Castle National Monument 
• Desert Botanical Garden 
 • Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument 
 •Musical Instrument Museum 
•Lake Mead National Recreation Area 
•Petrified Forest National Park 
•McDowell Sonoran Preserve 
•Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum 
•Hi Jolly's Tomb 
•Route 66 Zipline 
•Hoover Dam 
•Taliesin West 
There are a lot of other activity centers and fun places which can give you real fun in Arizona. Don’t worry you don’t need to search each center one by one. is providing you everything about these.  

• Washington Activity Center 
•Fountain Hills Activity Center 
•Whiteriver Activity Center 
•Grace Sparkes Activity Center 
•Bear Paw Activities Center 
 •Thunder Mountain Activity Center 
 •Gherald L. Hoopes Jr. Activities Center 
•Pinetop Lakes Equestrian Center 
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Weather in Arizona 

The average weather of this state is suitable to visit it anytime. There are various weather seasons which change after months. There is summer season and winter season and both are perfect for vacations. You should visit this state in the summer season which is from June to last of August. The winter season is from October to March. The overall average temperature of Arizona is 10 to 34 °C. 

This state is known for its sunny days in summer and cold days in winter. You can visit this state in any season according to your preference. According to our advice, you can visit this state anytime during month October to February when there is no much hot days and the temperature is moderate with cold nights. 

Cheaper months to visit this state are from May to September. If you are looking for cheap rental vacations in Arizona, then you should contact as soon as possible. We can provide you the best-discounted rates in any month.  

Search vacation rentals in Arizona 

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Nearby vacation rental destinations 

Arizona is a state which is famous for its large parks, deserts, and open areas. You can choose any particular area to spend your vacations. No matter which location you choose, we are ready to provide you complete details of nearby vacation rentals which will be in your budget.