Alaska is a US state which is located in North America. It is one of the most populated states in USA. It has the border with Russia and is covered with beautiful mountains and rivers. This state is best known for its natural places. The beautiful places of, Alaska will make you fall in love with it. Every year, thousands of visitors come here to enjoy with their friends or family members. It is the best place to spend holidays as you will get a lot of things to enjoy here. If you are on your holidays and want to create some precious moments with your loved ones, you can consider Alaska. The best thing about this place is you will get every type of entertainment, food, and residence here. Although several hotels and restaurants are available in the entire Alaska state, yet the taste of vacation rentals is somehow different. You will get some amazing services of vacation rentals with

Vacation rentals in Alaska

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Things to do in Alaska

There are a plenty of national parks in Alaska. You will get a lot of fun in these parks with your loved ones. Here is the list of national parks in Alaska.

•    Kenai Fjords National Park – National Park
•    Denali National Park and Preserve – National Park
•    Wrangell-St. Elias National Park & Preserve – National Park
•    Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve – National Park
•    Lake Clark National Park and Preserve – National Park
•    Gates of the Arctic National Park – National Park
•    Kobuk Valley National Park – National Park
•    Denali State Park – State Park
•    Sitka National Historical Park – National Park
•    Katmai National Park and Preserve – National Park
•    Bering Land Bridge National Preserve – Nature Persevered National Park
•    Aniakchak National Monument & Preserve - National Monument

Just like national parks, you will find a plenty of other attractions in Alaska which are mentioned below.

•    Alaska Zoo
•    Totem Heritage Center
•    Kincaid Park
•    University of Alaska Museum of the North
•    Dolly's House Museum-Gift Shop
•    Juneau Icefield
•    Tongass Historical Museum

There are some other activities which can give you additional fun in Alaska.

•    Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Center
•    The Tongass National Forest
•    Seafarer's Memorial

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Weather in Alaska

The average weather of Alaska is enjoyable and pleasant. You will feel daytime temperature from 60 to 80 F in Alaska which is a good temperature. The nights and winter season is much cooler than the summer one. 

The most considerable time to visit Alaska is in summer season. From mid-June to end of August, thousands of visitors come here, and this is the most popular time to visit this state.

The most popular times are also the cheaper ones. A lot of places offer discounts to the visitors. This is the same time, i.e., from mid-June to end of August.

Search vacation rentals in Alaska

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Nearby vacation rental destinations

Alaska is an incredible place to visit in holidays. You will get any type of entertainment and service here. It is a huge state which consists of different areas and cities. It means you can decide where to stay during your holidays. It doesn’t matter which place you choose to stay in Alaska; you will always find some amazing services and points of interest here. All the cities and visiting areas have national parks, museums, and other interests. That’s the only reason why Alaska is very famous state of the USA especially for visiting purpose.