Alabama is located in the Southeast of the United States of America, with the States of Georgia to the West, Tennessee to the North, and Georgia to the East. Florida and the Gulf of Mexico neighbor Alabama to the South.

It's a staple in United States history, and is an amazing southern state to visit. Visiting Alabama will allow you to enjoy warm climates, beaches, and true taste of southern comfort.

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Vacation rentals in Alabama

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Things to do in Alabama

There are nine National Parks in Alabama all of which as a visitor would keep you pleasantly occupied;

• Horseshoe Bend – National military park
• Little River Canyon – National preserve
• Muscle Shoals – National heritage area
• Natchez Trace – Parkway
• Russell Cave – National monument
• Selma to Montgomery – National Historic Trail
• Trail of Tears – National Historic Trail
• Tuskegee Airmen – National Historic Site
• Tuskegee Institute – National Historic Site 

Some of the mixed attractions that would peak your interest are;

• USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park
• Bellingrath Gardens
• Carnival Museum
• Gulf Shores
• City of Birmingham  

There are other activities which you could indulge when in Alabama;

• Pensacola Inshore fishing
• Delta wildlife tour
• Alabama Gulf Coast zoo
• US Space and Rocket Center

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Weather in Alabama

Alabama generally has mild winters. A prime time to rent a vacation home in Alabama. The average temperatures are in the mid 50s F. Surely jacket weather. Lows are typically in the 30s during colder days and in the evenings.

The optimal time to plan your vacation rental in Alabama as far as the weather is concerned would be, March 12 to May 20 and then again from September 24 to November 11. However we believe Alabama is beautiful and weather friendly enough to visit at anytime of the year.

The cheapest time to travel into Alabama would be during the off season which would be between end May to mid September when airline prices drop and vacation rentals are also cheaper like very many things with lesser crowds too.

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Nearby Vacation rental destinations

Wherever you may decide to stay there would be ample places of interest that you could visit and the big cities would all be within driving distance when you choose your stay in a vacation rental in Alabama.

The amount of the places of interest in Alabama is very wide and intense hence once you decide on a place or places for your holiday in a vacation rental property you could list out all the places of interest that would be in the surrounding areas which would be easily accessible.