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In French, they call it a ‘vue dégagée’, meaning that there is a wide expanse of sky beyond the window. Having a view of the rooftops of Paris is always a privilege, particularly when the beauty of the historic Parisian streets is a part of the setting.

Comfortable, cosy, and complete with all that you need to live in Paris in an autonomous fashion, this apartmentis an ideal place for up to 4 people (who know each other well) to stay on a calm edge of the urban action. Situated in an attractive modern building with an elevator, the large windows overlook the wide street down below and the cityscape of ancient buildings beyond.

Walk out the door, and you have the Marais, the POMPIDOU CENTRE, and the remnants of the great central Paris food market (known as LES HALLES) all within a few blocks of the flat. Yet you are not overwhelmed with noise and people in the street since the building is not on the main drag of the tourists hordes. And with a full-fledged grocery store just down on the street below, you will never go wanting for long.

What is nice about such a centrally located flat is that you can pop in and out during the day for that quick nap or light luncheon, and then head back out into the vibrant city of Paris without losing a beat. This is the beauty of choosing to stay in the historic center of Paris.

The POMPIDOU CENTRE itself is one of the controversial architectural monuments of the 20th century. Built in the provocative spirit of the ‘Bowelist’ architectural philosophy (ie. Putting the guts of the building on the outside), the building itself has proven to be one of the most popular structures in all of Paris in terms of visitor numbers alone. Whether or not you like the aesthetics, it is a fascinating place to visit with fabulous views of Paris and one of the largest contemporary art collections in the city.

The PICASSO MUSEUM, another art Mecca, is but a few minutes walk away. In fact, no matter in which direction you head, you are likely to come across some monument or museum of major importance. Few hotels offer an equivalent array of amenities and qualities for such a reasonable rate.


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