Using Search Filters

Using filters
We make searching for a vacation rental easy on After choosing your location, arrival and departure date be sure to use the filters under type, bedrooms, bathrooms, price range, sleeps, and more. Be sure to clear your filters when conducting a new search to ensure the results you are looking for.

Type: Underneath this filter, you will be able to choose the type of home you are looking to rent. Whether that is a condo, villa, cottage, house, apartment cabin or bed and breakfast. We recommend that when going about your search to leave the type filter to ‘Any’ because often times a host will consider their cabin to be a house and you may miss the opportunity to see the property.

Bedrooms: Having a place to rest is essential after traveling. Prevent a battle for the bedroom by filtering out the number of bedrooms can help you allow your guests to have their own space as well as your own.

Bathrooms: Getting ready can be a hassle, especially if the number of guests is above the number of bathrooms available. If the number of spaces to get ready is important to you, this filter will allow you to choose the minimum or maximum numbers of bathrooms you and your party will need during your stay.

Sleeps: This filter allows you to choose how many people the home you choose will sleep.

Price range: The price slider conveniently lets guests stick their budget and find a rental home that is right for them. Slide the pink dot to the right to increase your price, and to the left to decrease.

More filters: The more filters section permits you to choose other accommodations you may need such as whether your pet is allowed to stay, a pool or internet access.

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Updated on September 22, 2017

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