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Number of guests home sleeps vs. Number of guests allowed

When searching for a rental home travelers often search for the number of bedrooms in correlation with a number of guests that are traveling in their party. There can be some confusion when the home indicates the number of guests it can accommodate versus the number of bedrooms it has. A guest might wonder, “How can this four bedroom home sleep 10 people?” If a four bedroom home is set up to sleep up to six people, the number 10 may indicate the maximum number of guests that the homeowner is allowing in their home. The number may also indicate that there may be other sleeping arrangements such as a sleeper sofa, shared beds or a bed set up in a living space or den of some kind. Be sure to look at the ‘property description’ below the details sections of the rental home, and also the ‘room details’. Room details will often have a description of the sleeping and bathroom arrangements as well.

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Updated on September 19, 2017

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