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Streamline Integration with

This integration is now live! Contact your Account Rep today to integrate.

You can now use the power of your Streamline software to push your properties directly to With Tripz’s open communication and full guest contact info it empowers you to take full control of Streamlines powerful vacation rental tools. All this while not having to worry about updating your listings individually on another marketing channel.

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Streamline Integration Steps

  1. Property manager will ask Streamline to engage the Integration
  2. Property manager will choose properties to integrate from The Streamline “WholeSale Travel Agent” section under the configuration menu.
  3. Property manager will sign-up with Tripz using and select Streamline from the API Site selection.
  4. Streamline will then provide Tripz Integration Team an “assigneeId” and the Integration team will enter the “assigneeId” for the user to allow access to pull properties and align with property listings.
  5. Tripz Integration will set property limit in the Tripz Api Admin screen and collect payment to send properties to live status on
  6. Properties will go live in a 24-48 hour period.
Updated on March 23, 2018

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