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How To Change Your Subscription

At Tripz.com we want to make managing your listings as simple and user-friendly as possible. You are able to upgrade as well as downgrade your listings subscription at any time without hassle. Please follow the steps below on how to change your monthly listing subscription


  1. On the dashboard. Select ‘Payments’.
  2. Under the Purchased section, decrease (-) the proper subscription and increase (+) the subscriptions desired.
  3. Hit ‘UPDATE’ to save your changes.
  4. The menu on the left-hand side, Select ‘Properties’.
  5. Under the edit drop-down menu click ‘Subscription’.
  6. Under Selection, switch prior subscription to ‘OFF’ and the new subscription to ‘ON’.
  7. Click ‘SAVE’ to save your new changes.



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Updated on December 21, 2018

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