Property Details Basics

On the property details tab, you will enter the majority of required key contents for your property ad. These items include your property name and title, description fields, proper property address, number of bedrooms, bathrooms and how many people can sleep in your home. Plus, wants you to be in control of how your property shows up to guest on search engines so we have given you the tools to do just that with search-related text to help showcase your property within the search engines.

  • Property Name*: It’s your brand for that home. It’s important to brand your homes as much as your company. Help travelers remember your homes and your company so they always come back.


  • Property Title*: Although its only 60 characters this will help make your home stand out. Make it distinctive and cover what you would search for in the area when looking for the perfect home.


  • Description Fields*: Make it unique! If you just copy and paste the same description on all your ads you are not creating unique content for your ads, meaning there are fewer ways for travelers to come upon your ad. Tell guests what makes your home perfect for their trip.


  • About the Area: To better assist future bookers get a full idea what is surrounding your beautiful vacation home, we including you a specific section to express any appealing outside attractions. You may include major parks, perhaps shopping close by, certain restaurants, for example, if there are hiking trails near for adventurist or surfing, even how long any Uber or cab rides can be.


  • Details: Providing the most information possible to guest will improve overall experience and prevent guest from feeling the need to reach out for slight details of your home.



  • Proper Address: 97% of travelers use the map to search for accommodations to stay in so having an accurate address of the property they are looking into vital and will prevent any misinformation.

Note: If your property is borderline with a major city, we have the option for your home to appear when the city in topic is searched. Your address will not change and the pin will not move it will still reflect the city your home is in.


  • Search Engine Fields: It is also very important to Google and other search engines and can actually lead to travelers getting linked directly to your ad rather than a search of the area, with the Meta Title, Meta description, and Keywords. Property Link, At Tripz it’s all about supporting hosts building their brand and getting more direct bookings. We allow for a link to your property on your own personal site. A video link of your property such as YouTube or if your home was featured anywhere. Also, we have a field for a Tour Link in case you have taken the time to do a 3D virtual tour of your home as well the option of an additional link like that of a floor plan or simply more information about your company. These links help build your SEO score as a company. To better assist, we have provided an example below.







Updated on October 10, 2018

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