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VRM integrates with

This integration is now live! Contact your Account Rep today to get integrated.

If you are a users of Virtual Resort Manager Software you can now seamlessly push your properties from VRM directly to your account ensuring your listings are always up to date and ranking high in search results.

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VRM Integration Steps

  1. Property manager will contact the VRM rep to engage the Integration
  2. Property manager will sign-up with Tripz using and choose VRM from the API Site selection.
  3. Tripz Integration team will set property limits and collect payment.
  4. Property manager will contact VRM and let them know which properties to add to Tripz
  5. VRM gives the property manager a clientName and a clientId
  6. The property manager contacts Tripz and the Integration team will add the clientName and clientId to the user in the Tripz API Admin screen
  7. Properties will push live in 24-48 hour period
Updated on March 23, 2018

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