Adding a Deal

Adding a Deal

To add a deal to a property simply select a property you wish to add an additional discount from the provided drop-down list of properties from your Host Dashboard.

Once a property is selected you then need to enter the percentage of discount offered. This should be a number only. No need to add the % symbol at the end.

Then give the deal a title to attract the attention of travelers.
 i.e. “Amazing Summer Discount!” “Inquire Now For Our Best Rates”

A description must then be entered. This will tell travelers more about the discount in terms of how the redeem the discount, if the discount is already reflected in the rates, or if there are restrictions to the discount such as holidays.

Once all fields are completed hit the “SAVE” button to add the deal to the selected property.

All deals run for a period of 3 weeks and automatically expire.

Updated on September 22, 2017

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