Elegant Adobe Eastside home in walking distance


Home Description

A very rare find in Santa Fe’s Historic Eastside, Carmel is an exquisite one bedroom, one bath, single family adobe casita completely remodeled with elegant and high end finishes.

Historic East Side
4-minute walk to Canyon Road (.2 miles)
17-minute walk to the Plaza (.9 miles)
28-minute walk to the Railyard (1.5 miles)
Close to The Teahouse, Geronimo, and The Compound
Close to Canyon Road galleries and Santa Fe River Trail

One-Bedroom with king bed
Full sleeper-sofa in living room
Shower-soaking tub combo in bathroom

Traditional Santa Fe-style construction
Viga ceilings
Polished concrete floors
Contemporary furnishings
Kiva fireplace in living room
Refrigerated A/C
Infrared BBQ
Indoor and outdoor dining for 4
Flat-screen TV in living room
Covered parking

Pet Friendly comment from Miles of "Pet Friendly Santa Fe"
"This house is great because of it’s cozy patio. I can lay in the sun and chase tennis balls in my dreams after a walk down Canyon Road, or even to the Santa Fe Plaza."

Santa Fe City Permit #17-00145195

About The Area

Historic East Side
4-minute walk to Canyon Road (.2 miles)
17-minute walk to the Plaza (.9 miles)
28-minute walk to the Railyard (1.5 miles)
Close to The Teahouse, Geronimo, and The Compound
Close to Canyon Road galleries and Santa Fe River Trail

House Rules

In order to secure a reservation with Two Casitas (Two Casitas Santa Fe Vacation Rentals, LLC), you must accept and agree to the Terms and Conditions that follow:

Two Casitas - Rental Policies, Insurance or Security Deposit:

1. An Accidental Damage Waiver/Insurance is included with every reservation. This waiver is a one-time, non refundable fee that covers up to $1200 should any damage occur in the home during a reservation. Guests must notify Two Casitas of the damages for the waiver to be honored. Please see item #4 if you do not wish to participate in the Accidental Damage Waiver/Insurance. 

2. Any damages that exceed $1,200.00 will be charged to your credit card on file. Any damages found after check-out will be communicated with the guests prior to any processing. 

3. The Accidental Damage Insurance costs a one-time, non-refundable fee per booking of: $20.00 for a studio rental, $30.00 for a one-bedroom rental, $40.00 for a two-bedroom rental, $50.00 for a three-bedroom rental, $60.00 for a four-bedroom rental and $70.00 for a 5-bed-room rental.

4. Please contact Two Casitas directly if you do not wish to participate in this plan. In such case, a $1,500.00 security deposit must be mailed within three days of making your reservation with Two Casitas. This check should be made out to Two Casitas and sent to:

Two Casitas
PO Box 1829
Santa Fe NM 87504

Upon departure of your stay an inspection will be conducted and any damage or excessive cleaning will be deducted from the security deposit prior to returning any funds to you within 15 days of your departure. 

Exclusions and exceptions for Accidental Damage Protection Insurance coverage include: 
-Damage not reported to management prior to departure
-Smoking in home or close to the home. If smoke is detected there will be a fine of $500 charged to the credit card on file.
-Missing key not left in the lock box where applicable.
-Linens lost, stolen, or damaged are not covered.
-Any theft is not covered.
-Cost of returning your belongings left at the rental are not covered.
-Willful misconduct, misuse, or pet damage in the home or around the grounds.
-Gross negligence.
-Misuse of appliances.
-Misuse of any plumbing.(Please note our plumbing by in large in Santa Fe is very old and if anything other than toilet paper is put in the toilet you will in all likelyhood have a problem.)
-Misuse of fireplaces and fire damage caused by guest as a result.
These occurrences will result in the guest's credit cad on file or the security deposit check to be charged in full for any damages.

PLEASE NOTE: Pet fees are not included in the damage protection insurance. A separate cleaning fee must be purchased for $100.00 per pet.

Two Casitas - Rental Policies

1. Smoking indoors is not allowed. Smoking is allowed outside, but must be fifteen feet away from any door or window. If renting a multi-house property and other guests are located adjacent or near you rental, do not smoke within 20 feet of other renters or houses. You will be fined $500 if you smoke in the house.

2. People other than those apart of the original guest party may not stay overnight in the property without consent of Two Casitas. Any other person in the property is the sole responsibility of guest. You are responsible for all their actions and all rules applicable to you, as the renter, applies to your guests.

3. All of the units are privately owned; the owners and Two Casitas Santa Fe Vacation Rentals, LLC (TWSFVR) as the property manager, are not responsible for any accidents, injuries, or illness that occurs while on the premises or its facilities. The homeowners and TWSFVR are not responsible for the loss of personal belongings, or valuables of the guest. By accepting this reservation, it is agreed that all guests are expressly assuming the risk of any harm arising from their use of the premises or others whom they invite to use the premise.

4. It is required guests keep the property and all furnishings in good order. Do not re-arrange furniture. In the unfortunate event that something is damaged, you agree to inform Two Casitas immediately. Please remember we do offer Accidental Damage Insurance. This accidental damage insurance is offered in lou of a security deposit and can be utilized for such occasions. 

5. Only use appliances for their intended uses.

6. PETS are permitted only with prior approval and the PET POLICY must be completed. Our PET POLICY does vary by property. Cats are not allowed in any of our properties with the exception of Twilight and Bonita.

7. Parking: Off-street parking is limited and varies by house; 1 vehicle in a studio and one bedroom house.  Two (2) vehicles in a two and three bedroom house (Except for Rio Grande and Felicidad, which have only one designated parking space each). Vehicles are to be parked in designated parking areas only. Any illegally parked cars are subject to towing; applicable fines/towing fees are the sole responsibility of the vehicle owner. No trailers or recreational vehicles (RVs) are permitted. Renter guests must abide by parking rules.

8. Housekeeping: There is no daily housekeeping service. While linens and bath towels are included in the unit, daily maid service is not included in the rental rate. We do not permit towels or linens to be taken from the units. Stays of 14 days and longer must have a mid-stay cleaning, which will be discussed with Two Casitas at time of booking. The amount charged for the mid-stay cleaning will be equal to your initial reservation cleaning fee and is the guests responsibility to schedule. Requests for additional towels are permitted every seven (7) days for houses that DO NOT have a washer and dryer.

9. Hot Tub – See hot tub policy.

10. Fireplaces in houses are either a wood burning or a vented, gas fireplaces. Please do not throw any paper or other combustible materials in fireplaces. Do not allow children or pets near fireplaces while in use. Do not leave children or pets unattended near fireplaces. Do not leave fires unattended. Fireplaces are turned off from May 15th through September 15th, and are not operational during this time of the year. As fireplace flues are turned to the "off" position during these dates, guests are responsible for any damage, including smoke damage caused by using the fireplaces during the dates stated above. If you clean out the fireplace, all ash must be placed in the provided covered container.

11. Water and Septic: All properties are on city well and septic systems. The mineral content and additives in the water is high. The water may have an odor and taste that you are not accustomed to. We suggest you purchase drinking water at a grocery store if you do not like the taste/smell. TCSFVR will not reimburse any money or make any stay modifications due to the taste or smell of the water. The septic system is very effective; however, it will clog up if improper material is flushed. DO NOT FLUSH anything other than toilet paper. No feminine products should be flushed at any time. If it is found that feminine products have been flushed causing clog of the septic system, you could be charged damages up to and including professional plumber services and the cost of other guest reservations if the property is not ready for the next arrival due to your negligence.

12: Access: Guest shall allow TCSFVR and third party contractors’ access to the property for purposes of repair and inspection. TCSFVR shall exercise this right of access in a reasonable manner.

13. Parties/Gatherings: Upon reserving you agree that only the number of persons you reserved as occupants will stay at the house. If you intend to have a reception or gathering of any kind you must inform Two Casitas PRIOR TO COMPLETING your initial reservation. No parties/gatherings/receptions are allowed without PRIOR management approval. Such requests are on a property by property basis. Please call Two Casitas at 505-984-2270 for permission and details. Charges and cleaning fees may be added for such requests.

14. Illegal Activities:: All authorized persons (those named on the lease agreement), and their guests shall abide by all municipal, county, state and federal laws. No weapons or illegal drugs are allowed at any property owned/managed by Two Casitas. Lessee agrees to allow TCSFVR full access to the property in the event that an illegal activity is suspected. Lessee and his/her guests agree to immediately cooperate with Law Enforcement and Emergency Personnel. Any involvement in illegal activity by the lessee and his/her party or guests will result in immediate eviction and forfeiture of all money owed to Two Casitas. 

15. Lost Keys: In the event lessee, any member of his/her approved party, or their guest loses a key, Two Casitas reserves the right to charge a $25.00 key replacement charge. If the key loss is not discovered until after the lessee departs (prior to the next rental of that same property), you authorize Two Casitas to charge the credit card on file $25.00. In the unlikely event that the key loss leads to having to change door knob(s) and/or deadbolts, the lessee shall pay for the hardware, key copie,s and a $75.00 per hour labor fee. TCSFVR reserves the right to charge a lock-out fee of up to $75.00 for after hour lock-outs in addition to lost key charges.

16.  Internet/WIFI and Television Service: If internet service and/or television service are offered at the property you rented and, upon your arrival either internet or television is not functioning properly, you must notify Two Casitas immediately. Two Casitas will do everything possible to remedy the situation.  Lessee fully agrees that the malfunction of either internet (WIFI) or television (or both) does not constitute ground for a reduction or refund in/of rental fees. Nor does it constitute a relocation to another property owned/managed by Two Casitas.

17. Depiction of Property on Official Two Casitas Website: Two Casitas official website offers pictures and/or video of each property for you to view prior to making your reservation. Two Casitas portrays each property “as is” at the time the photos and/or video were taken. If the lessee, upon arrival at the contracted property determines that the pictures/video did not accurately portray the property, or otherwise become unsatisfied with the property for any reason TCSFVR will make every reasonable effort to resolve any specific problem(s). Two Casitas will not reduce and/or reimburse any portion of the rental amount. Two Casitas is not obligated to find and/or pay for alternate accommodations.

18. Two Casitas and/or Owner Discretion:Two Casitas reserves the right to exercise manager/owner discretion in any policy, rules, agreements, and/or addendums.

19. Updates and Changes: Two Casitas reserves the right to update, revise, add, delete, and maintain any changes it deems necessary to Two Casitas Official Website, advertisements, policy, rules, agreements, pictures, video, amenities, prices, fees, forms, documents, on-line copy, payment policy, check-in/out procedure (including times),  and occupancy/rules (in general or property by property). Changes in any of the above mentioned shall not result in reduction or reimbursement of any/all of the rental total.

20. Property Availability: In the unlikely event that a homeowner would break their contract with Two Casitas and an individual property would no longer be available, Two Casitas will offer a comparable property(s). Should the lessee not accept he comparable property(s), Two Casitas is not obligated to any reduction and/or refund of the rental total. If a comparable property is not available, Two Casitas will inform the lessee with as much notice as possible so that the lessee can find alternate accommodations and only in this scenario will Two Casitas refund any amount collected from the lessee.

21. Personal Property: Two Casitas, property owners and broker are not responsible lessee’s personal property (including the personal property of those staying at the rental and any guests of the lessee). Two Casitas, property owners and broker are not responsible for vehicles or any personal property left in vehicles. If personal belongings are found by our cleaning staff after you depart, we can make arrangement to ship the belongings to you at your cost.

22. Alarm Systems: For those homes equipped with an alarm system, any fines associated with false alarms caused by the Tenant will be the responsibility of the Tenant and charged to credit card or checking account information on file.

23.  Emergency Services: Guest will always be responsible for all charges/fees arising out of a call by guest or anyone in his/her party to emergency services or 911.  This includes Police, Ambulance and Fire services.

24. After-Hours: For the purposed of this agreement, TCSFVR considers after hours to be between the hours of 8 PM and 8 AM mountain standard time. We do no guarantee someone will be available to answer your calls during these times.

25. Long-Term Stay: For the purposes of this contract TCSFVR considers any stay of thirty (30) days or more a long term stay. Guest is responsible for supplying their own toiletries, cleaning supplies, laundry supplies and all other supplies needed for their stay.  In addition TCSFVR may charge the guest for utilities during that stay. The amount to be charged will be calculated based on the reading of the meters upon check-in and check-out and will charged to the credit card or check account on file unless other arrangements are made. TCSFVR will review charges for cleaning services in lease agreement and with tenants prior to reserving. If you do not have washer/dryer at your house, you will be provided fresh changes of linens and towels once a week (7 days).

 26. Check-In/Check-Out: Official check-in time in time is 3:00 pm MST and check-out time is 11:00 am MST. We ask that you adhere to these times as our cleaning crew must come in at 11:00 am to prepare for guests coming in at 3:00 pm.  In some cases we may arrange for an early check-in or check-out. You must call our office at 505-984-2270 to make such arrangements.  In most cases, we are not able to give early check-in/check-out due to guests leaving and arriving the same day. TCSFVR reserves to right to charge and early check-in/check-out fee. 

27. Minimum Stay: TCSFVR does have a minimum three (3) night stay. In addition, TCSFVR reserves the right to increase the minimum stay during peak season, holidays, or dates corresponding to major events. Please contact our office for minimum night stay during the dates you are considering traveling.






Room Details

Sleeping Arrangements

  • Bedroom 1 King

  • Living Room 1 Double1 Sofa Bed2 Couch

Bathroom Arrangements

  • Bathroom Full

Calendar Last updated Sep 21, 2017
  • Open
  • Not Available





This is our first time this Santa Fe and we loved it. This casita was the perfect place for a romantic getaway. The kitchen and bathroom are up to date and the bed is very comfortable with nice pillows as well. The back patio is great for a nice romantic dinner. Overall we loved this place and the Two Casitas team were great they had a nice bottle of wine waiting for our arrival. Thanks again!!

Visited on "March - 2017


stayed in Carmel for four nights. It is perfect for someone who wants to be in walking distance of the Plaza (10 minutes) and close to Canyon Road (2 minutes). Carmel is one of a cluster of residences set well back from East Palace Road and thus is very quiet. Carmel is very well constructed and the kitchen is fantastic...everything you could want. The bed was very comfortable, the bedroom spacious (particularly for Santa Fe), and the bathroom great. There is also a washing machine and dryer for those staying longer. You also have covered parking for one car. The place was spotless which is a challenge given Santa Fe's dust. Full marks to the cleaning crew. The only downside is you have no view. There is a small space outside the living room with a table and four chairs and a barbeque. No big deal unless you were planning to entertain the masses outdoors. So, inside space excellent, outside space compact. But stunning views are just minutes away. Dennis, Homeaway 3/19/17

Visited on "March - 2017


We had the best time in this little house! It was the perfect retreat and very close to the plaza. We will definitely be back! Jaime, AirBnb Jan. 2017

Visited on "January - 2017


It was our first trip to Santa Fe and the house and location greatly exceeded our expectations! A beautiful home, lovely neighborhood, and convenience to downtown Santa Fe has made for a great trip. We would not hesitate to recommend the home for any traveler coming to Santa Fe - outstanding. Bernie 2016

Visited on "December - 2016


We were blown away! High end, custom finishes throughout! In-floor, radiant heat, beautiful Adobe plaster walls, soaking tub in en suite bath. Cleaner than anywhere we have stayed. Cozy and peaceful courtyard out the back. We walked to Canyon Road every time we went there (5 minute walk max) and we walked to the plaza multiple times. Cannot recommend this beautiful place in an amazing part of Santa Fe enough!! Taylor Nov. 2016

Visited on "November - 2016


We love the casita and everything has exceeded our expectations. Thank you and the owner for having such a great property and making it available to visitors.

Visited on "November - 2016

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