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Small dogs on short leashes, young men driving shiny jeeps and ladies in twin-sets or seasonal furs. This is the look on the streets of chic Passy, an urban village in the valley of the Paris NAP.

So what is ‘the NAP’ and why have I never come across this term in any of my guide books? The ‘NAP’ is an abbreviation used amongst Parisians to refer to the Neuilly-Auteuil-Passy districts of south-west Paris where boulevards are wide and leafy, apartments are large and roomy and the rents are as high as the hairstyles. Passy is part of Paris proper, unlike Neuilly, and it is the most central of these three districts located within a 10 minutes walk of the Eiffel Tower, the Seine and stunning Trocadero square overlooking the city.

Originally a village in its own entity, Passy was incorporated into the western arm of Paris in 1860 under Napoleon III. Home to Benjamin Franklin during his 9 years in France during the American Revolutionary War, it was from here that Franklin published the ‘Passy Press’ as well as pamphlets, proclamations and the odd passport using his own invented ‘Le Franklin’ typeface…..naturally.

Now the ‘chez moi’ to any French bourgeois worth his salt, or at least the price of his Land Rover (ridiculous really, considering the width of the streets!), Passy is the place to be if you window-shop, like to shop or were simply born to shop and to die in a Chanel changing room. Well-known high street names such as Zara and The Gap saddle up along the sidewalk with Lancel, Kenzo and Frank et Fils with the culmination of trends and brands being ‘Passy Plaza,’ a huge shopping center or ‘galerie’ on the Rue de Passy which becomes a veritable shopping Mecca on a Saturday afternoon.

It is in this atmosphere of old money and classic Parisian splendor that our wonderful contemporary studio stretches its legs. The entrance to the studio is an adventure in itself for it is located at the back of an ultra chic modern building complete with stone floors, roof garden terrace and 24/7 concierge. Someone even went as far as lining the floor of the lift with real stone, and you remark that the gardens on the roof terrace are serviced by a private gardener. Quelle classe!

The apartment itself is bright and airy with large full pane windows along the entire western wall allowing the afternoon sun to bathe the apartment in a golden Mediterranean light.

Perfect for a romantic weekend, a business trip or a personal Parisian excursion, the apartment is fully furnished with a top quality sofa bed, Egyptian cotton sheets and a glass dining table for two.

Other amenities including a flat-screen television, cable, DVD player, mini Hi-fi and high speed internet access, are at your disposal meaning that one can equally spend the morning ‘at the office’ or an evening relaxing ‘in front of the box.’

An attractive fitted kitchen provides every appliance you may need to whip up a tasty meal or simply chill the champagne in a full-sized fridge.

Chic, pretentious, historical, fun, it is here in Passy that you will take on the Parisians at their own game. Get up late, drink black coffee, flex your credit card, hire out a poodle….there’s no point in playing with half measures!


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